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A split 10″ with two grindcore bands, POWERCUP from Montreal, Quebec and PIZZA HI FIVE from Ohio. Both bands play intensely and have a great sense of humor on these tracks.

POWERCUP starts things off with thirteen crazed tracks that are played fast, loose and with abandon, but with a ton of power that sounds great cranked up loud. PIZZA HI FIVE give us twelve tracks of very similar sounding grind, but they have a little bit better production, and a touch more of punk mixed in at times.

If you are a grindcore fan and you have a sense of humor, because a lot of these bands take shit way too seriously, then you will love this. A very cool release that comes on colored vinyl.


http://powercup.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/sitandspinrecords

http://sitandspinrecords.blogspot.com/  http://pizzahifive.bandcamp.com/

https://www.facebook.com/riotousoutburst  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rad-Girlfriend-Records/200258046719162


COMPLETE FAILURE: The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault: CD

This grind band has gone and made a fantastic, angry and heavy album that is full of more hardcore than just the typical grind fest that you usually hear.

The band has some intense drumming with tons of blast beats going on, the guitar is chunky and rages throughout the songs, the bass is heavy and pounds along, and the vocals are harsh, but clear enough to make out the very angry lyrics. The album is super fast and heavy with elements of sludge added like in the song “Drag Migrator” that creeps along and the heaviness drags you with it, same thing with the song “Hero Of The Church Herd” which goes from super slow, to blazing fast near the end, it’s also the longest song at over four minutes with most two and a half minutes or shorter.

This is one tight and well produced album with aggression to spare, pick it up and lose your mind to it.

https://www.facebook.com/CompleteFailureOfficial  http://comfail.com/  http://comfail.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/seasonofmistofficial  http://seasonofmistrecords.bandcamp.com/  http://www.season-of-mist.com/

MISERY INDEX: Live In Munich: CD

MISERY INDEX started back in 2001 and has finally put out a live album to make fans happy until they put out a new album, but this is not a cash in, it’s a very brutal album that doesn’t have the sloppiness or overproduction of a lot of other live albums out there.

These guys tear through their songs with a rawness and heaviness that shows how talented they really are without the studio helping cover up any mistakes. The mix of grind, death core, and hardcore really make for a wild ride and the German audience must have been moshing like mad from the non-stop craziness that emanates from this band. The album is a bit muddy sounding, but I didn’t expect crystal clear sound from a live album of this kind of music, it adds to the thickness of the music that they’re playing. The band does a great job with the guitars cutting like a chain saw, the bass low and heavy, the drums just pounding like they are going to destroy the kit and low guttural vocals that make everything a step heavier.

A pretty decent live album covering a bunch of their best songs, along with a new mix of their song “Siberian” which is nice and heavy and well produced.

https://www.facebook.com/MiseryIndex  http://themiseryindex.tumblr.com/  https://www.facebook.com/seasonofmistofficial  http://seasonofmistrecords.bandcamp.com/  http://www.season-of-mist.com/

STRONG INTENTION: Razorblade Express: 7″

Coming out of the state of Maryland, STRONG INTENTION is a three-piece band that has put out a six song single that comes on both green and black vinyl and features Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD on two tracks.

 These guys just come out of the barrel with guns blasting with some brutal grind / hardcore songs. You get no let up from when the needle hits the vinyl until it’s all over and boy, do they just rip. The guitar rips throughout this recording, the vocals are heavy, but not so buried that you can’t understand the anger in the lyrics. The band takes you on a super heavy ride that only takes under ten minutes, and makes you want to go further.
This is a pretty good single, with lots for fans of super heavy hardcore mixed with a fairly big dose of grind will get into. I was a first timer, but it won’t be my last.

https://www.facebook.com/STRONGINTENTION  http://patacrecords.bandcamp.com/album/razorblade-express  https://www.facebook.com/patacrecords  http://www.patacrecords.com/  http://patac.tumblr.com/

LED ASTRAY: Eastern German Death Metal

64883_459420867446944_1091370722_nI was privileged to get the chance to do an interview with Germany’s LED ASTRAY. They’ve been around since 2006, released their debut album, One Million Bullets, in 2008 and now have released their sophomore album Decades Of Addiction. This is one intense blend of death metal mixed with hardcore that will leave you moshing up a storm. Thanks to the band for their time.


Check out the review I did…https://alteredfrequencies.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/led-astray-decades-of-addiction-cd/ and check them out at http://www.facebook.com/Led.Astray.Bautzen   http://ledastray.eu/

What/who got you into metal at first?
This is a very difficult question. All of us got other stories for that. But the main reason is that our fathers are great heavy rock fans and so we were listening to bands like LED ZEPPELIN and VAN HALEN when we were very young.

What styles/types of metal did you listen to at first and do you still
listen to those types/styles today?
We all started with Bands like SEPULTURA and SIX FEET UNDER. They are still great Bands, but it’s not the kind of music i prefer listening and playing. All is getting heavier and we listen to more technical stuff now.

What bands were you in before this and do you still hang out with those
people/have music from them still?
Max was in a few projects and he is still in friendship with the guys. The rest of us got before a band called “Fire reflects in Ashes” and the members who left are still friends of us.

How did you guys get together?
Manuel and Gabriel were the first who met. They came together of the same friend circle. Then they started to get the other Parts for a Band and ask people and the web and so they found the rest of LED ASTRAY.522190_406738559381842_1692534486_n

What kind of jobs do you guys have?
Max, Nico and Felix are students, Gabriel is a designer, Manuel and Martin are in the food industry.

Who does the writing of the music/lyrics?
The most Ideas for Riffs are from Manuel. If he got a Construction for a Song he brings it to the rehearsal space and then we all make it to a song. The Lyrics come from our Vocalists Felix and Martin.

What kind of process is it?
Like i told, Manuel does the main-riff-construct and the rest of the band helps to make that to a real ass kicking song.

What kind of lyrics do you guys mostly write about and why?
We write about the shit in the world, which we see all the time. We want to tell people what the world is made of and why we see it so. We don’t like lyrics about senseless stuff.

How long are your tours?
Till now we didn’t make any tour. We plan a 3 week tour for 2014.525827_406738912715140_1826296110_n

Do you play a lot of shows?
Yes we do. We got space for more shows but actually it is good how it works. We play like 50 shows a year.

Who have you played with?
I think the greatest Bands we played with are Six feet under, Maroon, All shall perish, Hatesphere and Final Prayer.

How is the German metal scene?
Very intense. You got a real metal scene from hardcore kids (which like metal too) to real metalheads.

Any problems touring in Europe?
We did plan a 2 weeks tour for Romania. One week before it was canceled from the booker after I asked for some last information. That was kind of crap. I hope 2014 would be better.67193_406738859381812_641998902_n

Any big differences in the metal scene in other countries that affect
your band?
No not really. In Czech Republic and in Poland they are crazy as in Germany and are very nice to bands too. I think the scene isn’t very different in other countries.

Farthest shows from home?
The farthest show was at the French border in Lahr. It’s about 900 km one route.

Best show that you’ve played?
Uh, that’s a really hard question. I (Gabriel) think it was the Six Feet Under show in the end 2k12. This show was very wild and we all got a lot of fun. But we like to play, so we love every show.

How often do you get together to practice/write new songs?
Manule and Max are meeting each other once a week. The whole Band is practicing 2 times in a month.

Do you play any covers in the show?
We played some Songs in the beginnings. But now we don’t cover any songs.

Favorite song to play? Least favorite song to play?
If you mean our Songs, than there is no favorite in it. I like to play all of our songs because every song got his own favorite parts.

Any violence/bad attitudes from so-called fans?
In Germany u got a lot of Mosh-Kids. It’s okay for us, if they respect the other people and don’t wanna hurt somebody. Everybody should party like he wants.

Favorite beer/least favorite beer?
Ha-ha, Manuel and I are drinking only beer in green bottles. I do not know what does the rest, but i love Carlsberg.

How long did the recording of the cd take?
The recordings take 5 Weekends. That was okay. But the mixing and mastering take 5 months. That was a very bad time for us.

Any stories about the making of it?
It was more hard work than fun. I mean we are all joking and stuff but we know how important studio is for us and so it was really hard work.548326_406738692715162_1968400568_n

Stories about the songs on your cd?
Every song is a story. In “Story of a Modern Gladiator” we talk about soldiers, in “Demon” we talk about the inner dark sites, in “Rise of an Angel” we talk about a girl who get raped. We talk about the dark stories of the life.

Any more new releases coming out in the future?
Our plan is to go into studio for a new LP in december 2k13.

What is available now and where can we get it?
You can get our second Studio LP Decades of Addiction on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify or from us. Merch and stuff u can get from us too.

Any shirts/pins/patches available?
A lot of shirts. I think we got about 5-6 designs and colours. There is for every taste a shirt.

Anyone in another band?
Max still got one project but the rest only play for LED ASTRAY.

Releases of the other bands?
Nope, there was no release.564889_416031831785848_706343987_n

Where do you see the band going in the future?
Our goal is to play on the with full force festival. But i think the most important thing is that we play shows. create new records and play tours. That’s what we like and what we can.

Anyone vegetarian/vegan?
I am vegetarian. The only one in the band.

Any causes you’re into?
Yes. We hate all types of discrimination – especially racism.

Any funny or strange stories from your last tour? 
Ask in 2k14 and we will tell u a lot of funny stories

LED ASTRAY: Decades Of Addiction: CD

LED ASTRAY is a six piece band from Bautzen in Eastern Germany that has released their sophomore album of eleven tracks of death metal mixed with some thrash and some grind mixed in.

The album was recorded at the Elbrausch Studios in Dresden the mastering was done by Sebastian Reichl who’s done DEADLOCK, with guest appearances on two of the tracks by Marcus Dietzsch from DYING HUMANITY and Daniel Dittelbach who is from ABSIDIA and SINCE THE DAY. There are two vocalists on here, Felix has the more high pitched screams and Martin has the low, growling vocal and they mix together really well on this album. You get some brutal drumming from Maximilian, not much in guitar solos, but a nice powerful sound all the same from both Manuel and Gabriel and a lot of heavy bass from Nico. Some nice hyper blast sounds and breakdowns on here that the production takes care to let come through and the anger in the music is present too. There is a fair bit of melody in here, especially on the last song “Decayed Privacy” that has nice piano at the end.

I really got into this album, the only things that I didn’t like were the artwork, which did nothing for me and although it was interesting to hear German TV on the intro, can someone please stop bands from doing these pointless intros?

http://www.facebook.com/Led.Astray.Bautzen   http://ledastray.eu/   http://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope  http://www.massacre-records.com/


This is one brutal and wild split single with three bands playing as hard and fast as they can, powerviolence, grind, and hardcore all ripping up the grooves and shredding your face. Super short songs that are relentless in their devastating power and crazed enough to scare the normals.

ACxDC, otherwise known as ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE have been at it since 2003 and show no sign of slowing down or giving into whatever music trend comes around. Devastatingly hard and fast hardcore with power violence and a touch of grind, taking you out and kicking the shit out of you. Their five songs are well produced, meaning that you can hear everything relatively clear through the racket they make. That racket is what makes them stand out from the pack, great concise blasts of crazed music the makes you want to punch something, because punching somebody would be wrong. MAGNUM FORCE are next with three songs over brutally fast powerviolence that fit perfectly after ACxDC’s song with just a touch less production and a bit more demo sounding, but still wildly good songs, and we have SEX PRISONER with five songs of bass heavy powerviolence that is a bit muddy sounding with the bass turned up so high and the vocals being buried in the mix, but they slam through their songs with energy and anger which carried them into a crazy good time.

This is one of those releases that won’t convert anyone, but if you’re a fan of these bands or the style that they play, it will be one that you will have to get. Crank it up, grab your favorite drink and hit the pit, a good time is in store for you.

http://www.tolivealie.com/index2.html   https://www.facebook.com/tolivealie