Bobbie Morrone launched his music career in approximately 2007. Since then, he has recruited two other musicians; Isaac Vining (drums/percussion), and Adam Skinner (bass guitar), who create a mix of blues, soul and pop music.

Coming on like James Taylor at times, Morrone has a cool, and casual 70s vibe going on throughout this album. Every song feels like something that could be a single, some faster, some slower like the amazing “Holding On,” but they are all terrific. “Holding On” really has powerful emotion and could bring a tear to dead man’s eye, just a beautiful slow song that is a stand out to me. The playing is just exemplary on this album, you can hear and feel the rawness of the emotions and love for this music in every note. Morrone’s vocals are sweet and tender, filled with heartache and the band really gives off the 70s vibe with a great turn on “I Can’t Fall That Far (Intro)” and the vocal song following.

This was a complete surprise to me, not having heard of him before, but now he has a new fan in me and if you take a listen, hopefully in you as well. A collection of amazing songs to bring a tear of sadness and joy to your heart.

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The Naveblues are a band from Bergen in Norway that play a mix of indie rock and blues . The band features singer/songwriter Nave Pundik, who takes influences from rock, indie, alternative, funk and blues to create their own style and have been reaching an ever-growing audience.

This time out, they have recorded their take on Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You,” and given the song their own spin. The major difference is the harmonica being used in place of Jimmy Page’s guitar playing. That may be a bit of a shock since everyone is used to that being a major part of the song, but the harmonica is soulful, and gives the song a new texture and feel to it. Don’t think that there isn’t guitar in the song, there is and it’s sinewy and sounds great. The blues sound actually suits this song and gives you a chance to close your eyes and let the sound wash over you. The video is based upon the idea of what going to Mars would be like and staying there by yourself. It goes through the excitement and beauty of being there, to sadness and a realization that she is all alone on Mars.

The playing, the production, and the video are all excellent and show not only terrific chops, but that the idea of being a settler alone on Mars is portrayed perfectly. A great total concept, and one that I will be enjoying again and again.

STATUS QUO: Hello! /Quo / On The Level / Blue For You



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Status Quo are an English rock band whose music is characterized by their distinctive brand of boogie rock. The group originated in The Spectres, founded by schoolboys Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster in 1962. After a number of lineup changes, the band became The Status Quo in 1967 and Status Quo in 1969.They have had over 60 chart hits in the UK, starting with 1967’s “Pictures of Matchstick Men”, and the most recent being in 2010, which is more than any other rock group. Twenty-two of these reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart.

Culture Factory has remastered four of their albums to make them look like albums. with slipcases and even bonus tracks on all of them. Giving listeners the chance to hear these albums in clear, crisp versions is a real treat and makes the albums sound spectacular.

Hello! is the sixth studio album and was released in September 1973, it was the first of four Quo albums to top the UK Albums Chart. In August 1973 the only single from the album, “Caroline” was released, reaching #5. This was the group’s first single to reach the UK top five. Its B-side was a non-album track called “Joanne” and is included on this release. “Roll Over Lay Down” is a tongue-in-cheek lyrical paean to bed space. “Claudie” and “Reason for Living” have a country underbelly that was nevertheless part of Quo’s musical recipe. “Caroline” is perhaps the ultimate Status Quo song, a seemingly simple, catchy rock’n’roll song. Lastly, “Forty-Five Hundred Times” is the quintessential Quo tour-de-force, starting a bit jangly before proceeding into a propulsive, stomping song.

Quo is the seventh studio album by Status Quo from 1974, with the only track to be released as a single was “Break the Rules,” in April 1974, and it peaked in the UK at #8. On this album there is generally a harder edge to the songs and performances, with less emphasis on the more pop side of the band. “Break The Rules” is a chugging, bluesy, driving song with the instrumental section adding a honky-tonk piano solo, and a wailing harmonica. This is an album to please the rock fan, it’s an album that contains enough variation for a listener not to get bored, and instant gratification when you first pick up the disc. The CD also contains the bonus track “Lonely Night.”

On the Level is the eighth studio album and in November 1974 the band released the only single from the album, an edited version of “Down Down.” The single gave the band their only #1 hit to date. Its b-side was the Parfitt/Young album track “Nightride.” This album is one of the definitive Quo long players with every sound, from the opening bars of “Little Lady” to the closing Chuck Berry cover, “Bye Bye Johnny.” The album starts with “Little Lady” and “Most Of The Time,” the first one being a great heavy rocker, and the other one slower with more of a bluesy feel to it. “I Saw The Light” and “Over And Done” are catchy songs that stick in your ears. “Nightride” is slower in tempo,and it’s got a good solid groove to it. Then there’s probably the best-known track from the album, “Down Down.” The opening of the song is so recognisable and it’s one of those tracks that you can’t help foot-tapping along to. This is the album version which is longer and not as concise as the single version that most are familiar with. “Where I Am” is a lovely ballad which is much lighter in tone than the other more rocking tracks on the album. The album closes with the rocking cover of Chuck Berry’s “Bye Bye Johnny,” a key part of their live shows still. This release also includes the bonus tracks “Down Down (Single Version),” “Roll Over Lay Down (Live Version),” “Gerdundula (Live Version),” “Junior’s Wailing (Live Version),” and “Roadhouse Blues (Live Version).”

Blue for You is the ninth studio album by English rock band Status Quo, released in March 1976 and is both the last album to feature the “Frantic Four” lineup. “Rain”, the first single from the album, reached #7 in the UK charts after its release in February 1976. Its b-side was the non-album track “You Lost the Love.” The album was released the following month. It entered the British album chart at #1 and stayed there for three weeks, making it one of their most successful long players. An edited version of “Mystery Song” was the second single from the album and, released in July that year, peaked at #11 a few months later. “Drifting Away,” from their 1974 album Quo, served as the single’s b-side. In December that year the band decided to release a cover of “Wild Side of Life,” a song made famous by Hank Thompson and His Brazos Valley Boys. Its b-side was “All Through the Night,” which reached #9. “Is There A Better Way” has rolling bass, thrashing guitars and a very speedy little guitar solo which almost has the energy of punk rock.”Rolling Home” is another classic with dueling guitars, and wailing harmonica. Blue For You” is a restrained slice of blues/soul. “Rain” rocks really hard, almost borders on heavy metal in places. “Blue For You” retains all the crunch and pleasingly booming bass of all the other songs that came before. “That’s A Fact” has a terrific groove,  “Ease Your Mind” is a great blues boogie song , and “Mystery Song” closes out the album with another great track. The bonus songs on this CD are “You Lost The Love,” “Mystery Song (Single Version),” “Wild Side Of Life,” “All Through The Night,” and “Wild Side of Life (Demo Version).”

If you are a fan, you need to get these great looking and sounding remasters, and if you want to hear a band on top of their game, you definitely have to get these CDs. The sound of a band being everything that they could be and more, now with awesome sound and very collectible.

VINNIE MOORE: Aerial Visions

Vinnie Moore was born in New Castle, Delaware, and he began his professional career at age 12 playing in clubs and bars until Shrapnel executive Mike Varney discovered him via a demo and bio that Vinnie submitted to the Spotlight column, which Varney headed for Guitar Player Magazine. Through Varney, it led to an opportunity to appear in a Pepsi commercial in 1985, (only Vinnie’s hands appeared in the commercial as his guitar playing is heard. Following this, Moore recorded his first solo album, Mind’s Eye (1986), released on Shrapnel Records. Vinnie Moore played lead guitar with Vicious Rumors on their debut album, Soldiers of the Night (1985). Moore joined Alice Cooper’s band for a tour and then appeared on the Hey Stoopid (1991) album. Moore has been the lead guitarist for UFO since June 2003, and this is his eighth solo album.

This album strikes right to the core of what Moore’s fans have always loved about his playing, guitar-centric music with plenty of melody. Each song is beautifully crafted and his technique is never at the expense of taste, and this album has a delicious flavor. The playing is tight, but not so flashy that the casual listener gets bogged down in flair and flash, instead you get an album full of songs with terrific guitar playing that draws you in and won’t let go. If you’re going to release a guitar based instrumental album these days, since it’s not really in style anymore, it’s imperative that you mix up the styles on it, and Moore has indeed done just that here. “Mustang Shuffle” is blistering blues rock, and his version of ZZ Top’s “La Grange”, which would make them proud. “Now’s the Time” and “Faith” are two songs that originally were intended as instrumentals, but some of the arrangements were later used as UFO tunes. “Looking Back” is a tender ballad, while the title track has a rootsy blues/jazz/funk sound. “A Million Miles Gone” has a moody atmosphere, with Moore playing a jaw dropping solo that is dripping with emotion.

If you want an album of guitar wankery, this is not it, there were plenty released in the 80s (Yngwie Malmsteen anyone?), this one has the ability to go beyond that into an album that is a classic. The playing is on point, the song selection is terrific and everything just clicks.


After being around for ten years, label Easy Action puts out a sampler that encompasses their label and how eccentric, eclectic and wonderful it can be. They have a lot of buried treasures from bands that you know, but they also keep their ears out for newer bands to promote as well.

With a great mix of the old and the new there are so many tracks to tempt and new bands that you can become fans of as well. You get an amazing alternative mix of
“I Got A Right” by Iggy & The Stooges that just kicks ass to start off the collection, you go into heavy tunes from Amebix, Moriaty, The Red Cords, The Hydromatics, and so many more. The cool part of this is the unexpected things they give you like “A Quick Thing” by Rowland S Howard & Nikki Sudden, Lost Dawn with their 60s sounding “The Fall,” the blues of “Mamma You Got A Daughter” from John Lee Hooker, the fun new wave of The B-52s’ “Lava,” the folk king Bob Dylan with “Baby Please Don’t Go,” and an early shot from the Alice Cooper Group’s “Nobody Likes Me.” This really shows off the label and the amazing and varied bands available.

There will be something on here that you love, some you like and some that you won’t, but it will give you a real idea of the amazing music out there that you have been missing from some new bands, and the great stuff you’ve never heard from your favorites. I love these kinds of things, an inexpensive taste that I love and it keeps me hungry for more.

MOONSHINE: Self-titled: CD

With the release of this debut ten song LP, MOONSHINE play southern rock with a vengeance. The band consists of Derek Davis (lead singer for BABYLON A.D.) on vocals, Creg De Falco on guitar, Buzzy James on slide guitar, Mike Malone on piano and harmonica, Mike Norton on bass, and Brian Fox on drums. The album was recorded at Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 studio and produced by Michael Anthony, who also adds background vocals, as well as Jane Child on piano, and background vocals.

Opening with Mississippi Delta Blues,” the sinewy slide guitar, and the gritty vocals from Derek Davis recalls Aerosmith’s great older songs. “Warm Beer, Catfish Stew” is a great dusty blues song with a sharp groove and great harmonica. The melodic “The Devil’s Road” which recalls the Black Crowes with Derek’s impassioned vocals and the fantastic playing. A cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” shows that they can do the classic tune justice with their great version. “The Last Song” has memorable guitar playing, incredible piano and a great vocal. “Mama’s Kitchen Brew” is a rocking song with some boogie mixed in, the guitar playing kicks ass, and the song will leave you with a grin on your face as well as singing along to the chorus. “Southern Blood” has James’ awesome slide guitar, and has the feel of Bon Jovi’s “Dead Or Alive,” but still manages to stand up on its own. “Turn Me Around” has that great slide guitar on this whiskey-soaked rocker with its blistering riffs, and thrilling chorus. “Fade Away” is a piano led ballad with a tight groove and emotive vocals. “The American Train” ends the album on a high note with its rocking groove that will get your head bobbing and make you break out your air guitar to join in on the buzzing riffs and solo.

MOONSHINE has come together mixing a heavy dose of slide guitar, piano, and harmonica with classic vocals and bluesy lead guitars, to finally give us a southern rock band worthy of the tradition of the greats. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 SPECIAL, and old AEROSMITH, and your rock southern fried and bluesy, this is the band for you! Excuse me while I put this in the car and crank it up.

ORANGE GOBLIN: Back From The Abyss: CD

Like your heavy metal raw and dirty? Then you’re gonna dig this kick-ass album. Orange Goblin are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, but first, this London, England based act is releasing its eighth studio album.

Starting off with the superb “Sabbath Hex” is a hell of a way to start things off with its immediate and rollicking introduction to the album with great riffs and catchy lyrics. “Heavy Lies The Crown” starts off sounding like a stoner friendly song from the ’70s before turning into a huge riff-filled song. Ben’s gravelly vocals add so much to the growing heaviness of the track. “The Devil’s Whip” was the first single released by the band from this album and it is a killer rock’n’roll number that gets better the more you listen to it. “Into The Arms of Morpheus” slowly turns into a bluesy jam session that gets your head bobbing and makes you get out your air guitar to plat along. “Mythical Knives” has a quiet intro that slowly builds up into a bruiser of a tune that hits you square in the head. “Bloodzilla” is a fast one that just comes at you full tilt and knocks you on your ass, and keeps you down with the awesome power riffs and insane drumming. “Übermensch” has power and energy to spare and added to the gruff vocals, makes for a track that you just can’t get enough of. “Demon Blues” starts off with great riffing, terrific drumming and demonic vocals that turns into a spooky, but heavy as hell track that would rip your head off live. The rest of the album is chock full of hooks and riffs that once you put it on, you will have them cranked up and blowing your speakers.

If you’re a fan then you know what you are getting, but if you are new…wow, this is the real deal here! No glossy ballads, no guitar wanking, no lovey-dovey syrup in the lyrics, just a good, ass-kicking album, one you will be playing a whole lot.

CADAVER DOGS: Too Much: Download

Too Much cover art

This now turned from a trio into a duo, had dropped a huge album to melt your ear-holes and get your head into a wicked place. Ten blistering tracks that just amaze and stick with you after the first listen.

The album starts with a brutal track “Black Out The Blues” and sets a very high standard for what comes after. They come out with a first track that has fantastic growls from singer / guitarist Mat Franklin, a snarling, fuzzed-out riff and drummer Lex Vegas destroys his kit. It just keeps on getting better with every track showing the tight playing that the band has been forced to do since they are now a duo and it just blows away the landscape with the intensity and raw emotional singing. This set of dirty, glammed-up blooze-rock is just the right remedy for all of the limp rock out there being hyped up by the major labels and radio…this is the shit that should get played! “Buzzards” has a VAN HALEN feel to it, you know, catchy, fun, and the kind of song that fits into a party.

Every song is a winner and if this is what they are capable of…wow! This is one of the tightest and most blistering albums that has ripped through my skull in a long time.

SUN GODS IN EXILE: Thanks For The Silver: CD

Thanks For The Silver cover art

Formed in early 2008 in Portland, Maine this group of guys play southern influenced hard rock that grabs you and kicks ass right from the start. With hints of AC/DC, some boogie, some blues, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and other shit-kicking bands, they have formulated a mixture of their influences to create a sound that is infectious and heartfelt.

The guitars of Tony D’Agostino and Adam Hitchcock burn through riffs and terrific solos, bassist John Lennon and drummer John Kennedy lock in the grooves as much as they stomp, and Chris Neal brings keys, slide and harp to the mix. Hitchcock’s rough-and-ready vocals allows him to sing as much as growl through these tightly played songs. The southern fried boogie of “Nobody Knows”,  the blues of “Climb Down”, the balladry of the title track, all exude heart on the sleeve approach to their craft. “Hammer Down”, “Writing’s On the Wall”, and “I Buried My Bitch’s Car” have energy and enough guitar playing to satisfy the most picky of fans of southern rock.

This band has taken the southern rock sound and brought it up north and still managed to keep that swampy, blues boogie feel alive. This is a terrific album, the kind that should be played on radio, but won’t because of how sad radio is now, not because of the quality of this album because this is top quality tunage!

SAVAGE: Sons Of Malice: CD

Part of the NWOBHM movement of the early 80’s, SAVAGE are back with their first album of new material since 2001’s Xtreme Machine. Original members Chris Bradley on vocals and bass guitar, and Andy Dawson on lead guitars are joined by Mark Nelson on drums, and Kristian Bradley on guitars.

For having been around since 1978 and being an influence of METALLICA, you would think that SAVAGE would be more well-known, but sadly that doesn’t always happen, but with this album, they should get on the radar of more people. Old school blues-fused heavy metal is what’s on display on this album and its done right. Heavy riffing, and thick production gives Sons Of Malice that genuine feel and doesn’t pander to be trendy, just a kick-ass rock album. “The Rage Within” starts things off on a great note, hard rocking, pounding beat, soaring vocals, and a chorus that will grab you, you can’t go wrong with this one. “Black N Blue” has a great blues riff that brings to mind when AC/DC could actually carry this off before becoming bland. The production has a gritty, realness to it, making this sound tougher and harder than a lot of hard rock that comes out nowadays, almost late 1970s in the feel. The groove that SAVAGE lock into is fantastic, just heavy enough to get the head banging, but not so heavy that you lose the emotion in the songs. Some highlights of the album include the title track “Sons of Malice”, “Waking the Dead”, “The Hanging Tree”, and “Choose Revolution”, but the whole album is chock full of nuggets that will get lodged into your brain and make you want to play the album again.

This was a fantastic surprise, an album from a band that I thought that I would never hear from again, and a kick ass album at that. I know that this is going to be one that gets a lot of replays around my house…and nice and loud too.