MISPELT: 37/41: CD

37/41 [Explicit]

This UK band have released a full length album that I have been enjoying quite a bit and playing it often. With kick ass songs and great playing, this is a treat. This album has Steve on guitar, Rev on drums, Dunk on bass/vocals and Jen on lead vocals.

“Say Goodbye” the guitar starts at full force, then the pounding drums kick in, the bass starts hitting thick, and then the vocals come in and make this a great song to start off the album. “Alien” has a stop start guitar in the verse, woah-ohs in the chorus and is a tasty treat from the first beat to the last. “Dead Man Walking” is a dose of powerful punk edged fire that hits hard and makes for a real blast. “Therapist” is a nice mid paced song that has great guitar playing and changes things a bit by having Dunk do the lead vocals for a change and adding Jen’s vocals as an extra treat. “Analyse This” has great bass with a nice guitar riff that rocks and the chorus sticks with you because of the great vocals. “DBT” is a nice dancey, bouncy song with jangly guitar and a really nice rolling bass line. The song has a ska feel to it and makes me want to dance around when I hear it. “Same Shit Different Day” builds as they go through the intro with cool back forth vocals with Dunk finishing the lines by repeating and some woah-ohs on the chorus. “Dear Me” has an amazing chorus chant and a mesmerising vocal. “The Last Goodbye” has great stuttering intro leads that grab you right away, that is until you hear the vocals and what vocals they are. You get Dunk’s background vocals, but Jen is on point on this song with her amazing vocals, plus you get the added vocals from Nicky Trouble, and you have a song that is the perfect closer to this album.

This was a definite treat, with tight playing and vocals that lift this to heights that most bands can only dream of. Lots of hooks and enough edge to keep everything rocking throughout. An album that will get played over and over again and should be a part of your collection.