MISERY INDEX: Live In Munich: CD

MISERY INDEX started back in 2001 and has finally put out a live album to make fans happy until they put out a new album, but this is not a cash in, it’s a very brutal album that doesn’t have the sloppiness or overproduction of a lot of other live albums out there.

These guys tear through their songs with a rawness and heaviness that shows how talented they really are without the studio helping cover up any mistakes. The mix of grind, death core, and hardcore really make for a wild ride and the German audience must have been moshing like mad from the non-stop craziness that emanates from this band. The album is a bit muddy sounding, but I didn’t expect crystal clear sound from a live album of this kind of music, it adds to the thickness of the music that they’re playing. The band does a great job with the guitars cutting like a chain saw, the bass low and heavy, the drums just pounding like they are going to destroy the kit and low guttural vocals that make everything a step heavier.

A pretty decent live album covering a bunch of their best songs, along with a new mix of their song “Siberian” which is nice and heavy and well produced.

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