LED ASTRAY: Decades Of Addiction: CD

LED ASTRAY is a six piece band from Bautzen in Eastern Germany that has released their sophomore album of eleven tracks of death metal mixed with some thrash and some grind mixed in.

The album was recorded at the Elbrausch Studios in Dresden the mastering was done by Sebastian Reichl who’s done DEADLOCK, with guest appearances on two of the tracks by Marcus Dietzsch from DYING HUMANITY and Daniel Dittelbach who is from ABSIDIA and SINCE THE DAY. There are two vocalists on here, Felix has the more high pitched screams and Martin has the low, growling vocal and they mix together really well on this album. You get some brutal drumming from Maximilian, not much in guitar solos, but a nice powerful sound all the same from both Manuel and Gabriel and a lot of heavy bass from Nico. Some nice hyper blast sounds and breakdowns on here that the production takes care to let come through and the anger in the music is present too. There is a fair bit of melody in here, especially on the last song “Decayed Privacy” that has nice piano at the end.

I really got into this album, the only things that I didn’t like were the artwork, which did nothing for me and although it was interesting to hear German TV on the intro, can someone please stop bands from doing these pointless intros?

http://www.facebook.com/Led.Astray.Bautzen   http://ledastray.eu/   http://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope  http://www.massacre-records.com/

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