This is one brutal and wild split single with three bands playing as hard and fast as they can, powerviolence, grind, and hardcore all ripping up the grooves and shredding your face. Super short songs that are relentless in their devastating power and crazed enough to scare the normals.

ACxDC, otherwise known as ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE have been at it since 2003 and show no sign of slowing down or giving into whatever music trend comes around. Devastatingly hard and fast hardcore with power violence and a touch of grind, taking you out and kicking the shit out of you. Their five songs are well produced, meaning that you can hear everything relatively clear through the racket they make. That racket is what makes them stand out from the pack, great concise blasts of crazed music the makes you want to punch something, because punching somebody would be wrong. MAGNUM FORCE are next with three songs over brutally fast powerviolence that fit perfectly after ACxDC’s song with just a touch less production and a bit more demo sounding, but still wildly good songs, and we have SEX PRISONER with five songs of bass heavy powerviolence that is a bit muddy sounding with the bass turned up so high and the vocals being buried in the mix, but they slam through their songs with energy and anger which carried them into a crazy good time.

This is one of those releases that won’t convert anyone, but if you’re a fan of these bands or the style that they play, it will be one that you will have to get. Crank it up, grab your favorite drink and hit the pit, a good time is in store for you.

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