STRONG INTENTION: Razorblade Express: 7″

Coming out of the state of Maryland, STRONG INTENTION is a three-piece band that has put out a six song single that comes on both green and black vinyl and features Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD on two tracks.

 These guys just come out of the barrel with guns blasting with some brutal grind / hardcore songs. You get no let up from when the needle hits the vinyl until it’s all over and boy, do they just rip. The guitar rips throughout this recording, the vocals are heavy, but not so buried that you can’t understand the anger in the lyrics. The band takes you on a super heavy ride that only takes under ten minutes, and makes you want to go further.
This is a pretty good single, with lots for fans of super heavy hardcore mixed with a fairly big dose of grind will get into. I was a first timer, but it won’t be my last.

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