LES TECHNO: Edge of the World (Single)

Les Techno is a New York City based post-punk electronic rocker that has released critically acclaimed singles “Where were You?,” “Come Along,” “Closer Look,” and “Guilty Pleasure” available on Spotify, iTunes and elsewhere. He made hip-hop tracks with rap artists Run-DMC, Mobb Deep and Onyx, among others. He did a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix (Higher Ground), worked with R&B artist Ava Cherry and with the late, legendary funk master Bernie Worrell. This project is a new mixture of rock guitar sounds, electronics, hip hop beats, live bass, and his satirical lyrics.

The song has an ‘80s feel mixed with industrial and a groove that is impossible to ignore. A funky backbeat will grab you at first, but then the lyrics will keep you involved. Les Techno says this about the song: “Watching the Amazon burn, this song appeared out of nowhere, as an alarm in my head: we are all at the party at the edge of the world. We party and the world hurls into climate oblivion. “Swept over at the end of the road, where you lose control… you’re at the party at the edge of the world…..” Pretty powerful stuff and a fantastic song that takes nothing away from the message.

I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next since this is a great single and leaves me wanting more from him. Take a listen and feel the pain of the world going to shit, but there are people like him who are trying to do something about it.



RUINERS: Typecast

This band from Houston, Texas released their debut back in 2016 and after being busy with doing shows and writing new music, they have released the sophomore album. Although it is touted as post-punk, this sounds more like emo-punk with some post-punk mixed in, but it’s still better than straight out emo.

The album is tightly played, with energy to spare from these four guys. The songs have improved from their debut and really show off just how the time between releases has helped. Starting off with “No,” the band gets a blast of power that rips through your skull and continues on the next track “Swipe.” These two songs are a great one-two punch to get things rolling. “Raptor” is another crazy track that is just like a kick in the groin.

The band has matured a bit and you can hear the rawness of the emotions in the music so well on this album. Turn it up and have them cave your head in.

Also posted: http://ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2018/10/ruiners-typecast.html





OUTSIDE E.P. cover art

Members of Minneapolis’s Banner Pilot, Soviettes, Dear Landlord, and Gateway District have formed a new band, but this is not the end of Gateway District. This is just an outlet from very creative people to put out more music…nothing wrong with that at all.

The cover reminds me of a cool new wave album from the early ’80s and then you hit play and hear that it’s not new wave, it’s a mix of punk, alternative and post punk. These two songs are tight, catchy and they sound huge. The music is in your face and fills a room with the power that they possess. “Blank State” starts off mellow and then becomes a behemoth of a song and it grabs your ears and won’t let go. “Dashi Bay” is my favorite of the two and really hints at the songs that I listened to back in 1986, especially by a band called Go Four 3. This song is killer ; I love the beat, the guitar playing and the vocals that just flow perfectly.

A very cool and tight sounding EP that makes me long to hear more songs and hopefully hear them performed live. With talent as good as this band has in it, no wonder they need more outlets for their music.



THE DANSE SOCIETY: Reincarnated: Download












After starting out back in 1980 in Barnsley, England, this band has released some amazing albums and songs that appear on a plethora of Gothic compilations, but they only hint at the thrill of an entire album by them.

With lead singer Brian O’Shaughnessy, the band has a more rock-tinged sound than they did before, but it actually fits the vibe of the album perfectly. “Message In The Wind” kicks things off and even though they had released this on a previous album, they make it sound brand new.  The redo five original era tracks on here and they completely reinvent them. The fantastic title track is a drummer’s paradise instrumental piece. “Child Of Paradise,” is a great track that I couldn’t get enough of. “Seance And Heresy” has a great post punk sound. “More Than Dreams” made me want to get up and dance (or danse). “Glory Or Grace” has a huge sound that reminds me a bit of THE MISSION. “All That Shines” has a lot of keyboards and sounds like a great mix of older and newer sounds all mashed together.

As a fan of this band since 1983, I have to be honest; I loved it and play it all of time. This is a great return to form and I hope that they keep going on forever.



GRANDE ROSES: Built On Schemes: CD

Grande Roses - Built on schemes cover art

This band from Sweden lists themselves as “rock” in style and yes, it is rock, but it also has a nice touch of alternative, but not the crappy stuff on the radio, more lick the stuff that was on the radio back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The kind of music that covered rock, new wave, and a new twist on rock just like The Levellers, Sisters Of Mercy, and even way back to Joy Division.

The styles of this album are mixed together to complement one another and give the band a style all of their own. From the first note of the opening track “The Knife Digs Deeper” to the finale of “Spread the Ashes,” you get hit with powerful songs and energetic playing. With post punk rhythms, and soaring chorus’, it feels as though every track is an anthem, or should become one. “No Future” has a nice Iggy Pop vocal touch and punk rock feel to it, plus great background vocals to be one of the highlights of this album. I was just amazed at how this album has a timeless sound to it, it could have come out in the ’80s when post punk was huge, it could have come out when the goth powerhouse bands in the late ’80s, early ’90s were pumping out classics, and it sounds fresh today. The band shows just how skilled they are on track after track, giving their all in every note, and the vocals are so emotive and powerful that the album sends shivers down my spine.

I was more than shocked to hear an album that blows away the competition…what competition, these guys stand on their own. If this is only their second album, I can’t wait to see where they go and grow from here.






TRUPA TRUPA: Headache: Download

This foursome from Gdansk, Poland are a mix of no wave and post punk with a touch of psychedelia thrown in. It makes for a trippy sound that goes all over the place, but holds together well at the same time.

I listened to this while it was storming outside after midnight and it definitely was the right way to listen to this album. The sounds, sometimes creepy like on “Getting Older” were perfectly suited for that atmosphere. This isn’t a happy time, drive with the windows down kind of album, it’s really full of textures that you need the time and right state of mind to be in to really appreciate it. A day at the beach with this just wouldn’t be the right place, but a quiet, rainy night…perfection. The songs are performed with skill, and you can hear the emotion in the vocals while the band adds to the swirling mix and at times brings things down to a crawl like on “Give’em All.” The album really takes you on a trip, one that lifts you up, and then spins you around, then brings you back to reality all in one song at times, but especially as you listen to the whole album.

A very interesting ride, one that has to really be heard to comprehend and enjoyed. If you want to escape for a while, this is the flight that you are looking for and it’s first class all the way.






DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Ecstatic Vision: 12″

Ecstatic Vision LP cover art

This three-piece band from Chicago, IL play punk rock with a nice heavy dose of post punk mixed in along with a bit of Exene Cervenka vocal stylings. Ten tracks on their sophomore album that get better with every listen and with dal male and female vocals, it really stands out from the crowd.

Laying down some nice thick and throbbing bass lines, a touch of surf guitar, hard-hitting drums and the dual vocals really grabbed my attention and made me listen to this a lot before I started writing this review. The songs have so much energy and excitement running through them that it’s hard to sit still while playing this album. The fun that the band is having on this album is infectious and it puts a smile on your face and forces you into a good mood. This has the sound and feel of the albums that I loved back in the ’80s, around ’84 – ’86 and would have been a perfect album to put on mix tapes back then, but it still sounds great now, refreshing actually.

I was so pleasantly surprised to hear this album and find another band that I will have to find all of their recordings now. Great album from start to finish and really, you just need to go out and buy this one today.


http://daylightrobberychicago.blogspot.com/  http://daylightrobbery.bandcamp.com/album/ecstatic-vision-lp



ENDING THE VICIOUS CYCLE: Back To Me 2 (Single): Download

Back To Me 2 cover art

This band from Dallas, Texas plays post punk / goth that harkens back to the classic bands from the ’80s like BAUHAUS, and SISTERS OF MERCY and does it with skill. After putting out some previous releases, they are gearing up for their debut album coming out this year and this is another taste of their exciting music.

Starting off with a quiet guitar then a bit of drums then the band jumps in and the song takes off. The playing is magnificent and brings back the memories of going out on the weekend to the darkened club with strobe lights going and strawberry scented smoke filling the air while dancing and not having a care in the world…thanks for giving that memory back to me. A great new wave / goth song that would have been played non-stop back in the ’80s and deserves to be heard and loved now.

This is the first that I’ve heard from them and it definitely won’t be the last! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a band that isn’t pretentious and over-hyped, just a great band who plays with heart and conviction. I am so looking forward to their album.

https://www.facebook.com/EndingTheViciousCycle  http://www.reverbnation.com/endingtheviciouscycle


https://www.facebook.com/afmusic.de  http://afmusic.bandcamp.com/



BAD POWERS: Self-titled: CD


MADE OUT OF BABIES broke up earlier last year because of musical differences with their ex-singer, but they have returned with a new vocalist in Megan Tweed from THE FAMILY CURSE.

They have a sound that brings to mind SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and X MAL DEUTCHSLAND on this album, from the vocals to the arrangements, but they still keep their own personality. Tweed does the vocals with a large nod to those groups, but she can get out there and scream here head off during songs that have more of a metal sound to them. There is a lot of depth on this album, you get the gothic, post punk mixed with some rock and metal as well as some noise rock thrown in and it makes for an exciting album to listen to. There are so many variations of styles on here that the album never gets boring, especially the way the band handles all of the twists and turns so well.

These guys can really play and bring a lot of talent to this album, as well as a good production job that kept things a little dark and that helps them have some nice atmospheric parts on here. This is a great debut; let’s see if they can keep it up on future releases, I hope so.

https://www.facebook.com/badpowersofficial  http://www.badpowers.com/bad_powers/lair.html     https://www.facebook.com/theendrecords  http://theendrecords.com/