CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol. 5 Forever Dead: CD












Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats, and punk attitude that has the feel of old school death metal, but is fresh and super tight. This is the fifth release with only three songs, this band will destroy you.

As soon as you hit play, this band comes at you at full speed and doesn’t let go until the last note fades. Bass that hangs heavy and is thick as mud, the combined growled vocals and the cleaner vocals combine to give the songs a nice feel and depth, as do the gang vocals. The drumming in pounding and unrelenting, the guitar playing is fast, but has tight licks that you can really get into. The songs are tight, rough and the whole thing is a brutal fest that you don’t want to end. Great lyrics add to this release, as does the nice production that makes everything able to be heard, nothing is buried in the mix.

This is a band that I’ve been listening to for a while now and I look forward to their releases. One brutal and tasty treat that you will want to sample over and over again.

THE DANSE SOCIETY: Reincarnated: Download












After starting out back in 1980 in Barnsley, England, this band has released some amazing albums and songs that appear on a plethora of Gothic compilations, but they only hint at the thrill of an entire album by them.

With lead singer Brian O’Shaughnessy, the band has a more rock-tinged sound than they did before, but it actually fits the vibe of the album perfectly. “Message In The Wind” kicks things off and even though they had released this on a previous album, they make it sound brand new.  The redo five original era tracks on here and they completely reinvent them. The fantastic title track is a drummer’s paradise instrumental piece. “Child Of Paradise,” is a great track that I couldn’t get enough of. “Seance And Heresy” has a great post punk sound. “More Than Dreams” made me want to get up and dance (or danse). “Glory Or Grace” has a huge sound that reminds me a bit of THE MISSION. “All That Shines” has a lot of keyboards and sounds like a great mix of older and newer sounds all mashed together.

As a fan of this band since 1983, I have to be honest; I loved it and play it all of time. This is a great return to form and I hope that they keep going on forever.

SAVAGE: 7/Live ‘N’ Lethal: Download












Since their formation, they have released classic and solid demos and singles, as well as seven full length albums. The first disc here is a new studio record fittingly called 7 and the second disc, Live ‘n’ Lethal, is a live album containing all songs from their debut album Loose ‘n’ Lethal as well as a few tracks from Sons Of Malice, Xtreme Machine and Hyperactive.

“I Am The Law” sets the wheels in motion making the driving rocker a perfect start to the record and gets the fists pumping immediately. “Lock n’ Load” is a total riff fest, and you can just rock out to the inspired solos. The band slows things down a notch for “Empire Of Hate,”then they ramp things up again with thick groove of “Super Spy.” The aggressive metal of “Speed Freak” keeps things going nice and heavy. The acoustic ballad “The Road To Avalon (Sins of the Fathers)” slows things down a bit.  The band gears up for the album’s final stretch with the awesome “Payback’s A Bitch,” then they keep on going with the last two killers, “Shake The Tree,” and “Heads Will Roll.” Don’t stop there, you get a whole album of devastating live tracks that will keep you listening long after mediocre bands give only one album. The live album will make you jealous of people that get to see them live because I’m jealous.

A definite keeper that will please the new and the older fans and will keep you coming back for more. Play often and play loud.

FLEXX BRONCO: Volume. 3: Vinyl













San Francisco’s punk n’ rollers return with album number three, Volume.3. Twelve new tracks that they’ve bashed out so you can bash around the room while listening.

From the instrumental opener “Mors Non Separabit,” through the excellent “Blondetourage,” the band hits you hard and wants you to commit to them, just as they are committed to giving us a kick in the pants. “”Deadman (2015)” is a hard-hitting song that makes you want to get up and shake your ass. “Heart on the Floor (Original),” is a cool ’50s sounding track that fits into this album of heaviness with its slight change of pace. “Big Sky Fire” and the stomping track “Vallejo” are a couple of tight and blasting songs. The reprise of “Heart on the Floor” forgoes the ’50s sound of the original for a full-on blast of punk. The band just keeps the amazing tracks going and you keep getting drawn into their whirlwind of sound.

A great return from a band that just gets better as they go along. An album to be played over and over again, until your neighbors know the words too.

STEEL CITY: Now It’s Time: CD












Steel City got together back in 2010 in Italy and has put out their debut album of ten tracks of alternative metal.
The first track is an intro to the album and it starts off slow and low which builds anticipation for what’s to come. It sounds like a motorcycle ramping up, then the guitars and the synthesizer comes in which kind of hits you in the face and sets the tone for the album later on. It’s a short track, but it packs a lot into a minute and some odd seconds. “Now It’s Time” is guitar heavy with the vocals gradually coming in, and then it hits you in the face. It goes quiet then the guitar and vocals come in, and even though the screaming is mixed in, I won’t say its screamo, but its more yelling, but the singing parts are really on par, its heavy metal/screamo and it works somehow. “I Don’t Belong” starts out with high energy guitar, a more heavy sound, more singing at the beginning, there’s more yelling in this one, opposed to the screaming, and it has a darker under tone than the previous one. It’s five minutes and ten seconds long and it’s a rich track, not flat at all, the guitars do scales in this track and it’s not a filler, but it’s a key part to the track. “Last Evolution” has a drum base at the beginning then the guitar comes in and the two harmonize. The vocals are low and dark, yet rich and powerful, it sounds controlled, constricted, but not in the “I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m going to do this so it will sound cool,” sort of way, but it provides richness, power, and the dark energy that is needed to pull this track off. It does have some screaming mixed in, but it’s not overpowering the overall sound. This one is almost four minutes and every second was packed full of energy, and raw power. “No One’s Guilty” has high energy drums and guitar, no its not high energy, its frantic energy, it’s chaotic, it has screaming mixed in which it needs, the vocals overall just drip with power, it’s in your face, head banging raw energy. It’s overall a fast paced track and it works, it’s three and a half minutes worth of hand banging goodness. “Mandragora” is vocal based, with high energy burst of guitar, screaming is a common theme in this album, it’s not so much in your face, but it’s not something you can ignore, it makes its presence known to all. It’s not dark sounding, just heavy metal sounding, and almost five minutes and a half of strong imagery that rocks you to the core. “Under Your Face” has high energy guitar, it too rocks you to the core, the vocals aren’t the leading sound, but it’s right there behind the guitars which plays out nicely. The guitars are the real stars of this track, it’s powerful, it stirs up raw emotions, but in a good way, it’s not a track to mess with, it’s a beast. Some screaming in it, but not a whole lot, this track commands respect. “Where Is My Home?” is a total different sounding song, softer, more quiet, it’s not high energy or in your face in the beginning, but it’s none the less powerful. It stirs up the rawest emotions so far, it’s sad sounding, and it’s the longest track so far at six minutes and twenty two seconds. “Faster” is guitar based, the most powerful sounding track on the album, high energy, raw sounding, and about even with the screaming and singing. It has a dark undertone, which smacks you in the face when it starts playing, it’s frantic, and it’s just about five minutes long. Its hard-hitting metal, mostly in your face, better live in concert track, and going as fast as they can is the point of this track, but it’s needed on this album. “Black Heart Monster Tears” is guitar heavy, it’s deep, dark, sounding, it oozes raw power, demands respects for a price, no screaming at the beginning, it messes with the senses and provokes raw emotions and thoughts to come to the surface. It has a different sound, a different taste to it than the other tracks, sounds like the bands wants to finish the album off with a strong, powerful track which they succeeded in doing.

An album of power and thrills that will make your neck ache from all of the head banging, but it’s all worth it.

Review by: Amy East


This band from North West UK has a great EP out that shows the talent and energy that they are capable of.

High energy, guitar centered, female vocals are spot on, not hard rock, softer than Halestorm, but not any less powerful. On “Just Maybe” the vocals are well balanced, perfectly clear, except at the beginning when the vocals are whispered and at the end when it’s primal screaming. “Imposter” starts out smooth; the vocals are full of emotion, and full of strength. “Blame On Us” has vocals that are more controlled which shows multiple ranges, not just one note sounding, with more attitude in this track; it’s seductive, and full of emotions. “Not Who I Am” has more emotion, different range for vocals with more scales. Each track is its own story that are all connected to each other in their own way. “Glow” starts off softer, has constrained power, restricted emotions, and just shows more of the lead singer’s talent. All the tracks are guitar based and centered, this album isn’t boring or a time waster, and it’s the lead singer’s personal story set to music. She is showing you what she is made of, who she is, showing you her heart, she is strong, emotional, powerful, a women first, she commands respect, but in a not so much in your face sort of way.

Very tight and powerful music on this E.P. that sticks with you long after you listen to it.

Review by: Amy East

Various: Sell Your Soul…To The Cat: CD












It’s a 22 track album featuring 22 different bands from Black Cat Records.
It’s a very good collection because each track is so unique, with smooth transitions to each track, it’s like one band did it entirely on their own, while incorporating different styles. So many different sounds are on here, from high energy, guitar heavy rock to more of a Latin feel, and more. Chris Murray Combo’s “Big Love” is very beachy, tropical sounding, it’s bouncy, it’s fun, and it’s smooth. All the vocals are clear, smooth, really pronounced, the music part of the tracks is well balanced, and there isn’t any competition between the vocals and music. It’s a fun album that gives you a taste of what all the bands are like. Almost all the tracks are high energy, not in your face, well one of them is borderline screamo, and the lyrics are all nice and clear so you can understand the words. Trashed Idols’ “Loveless” is a really fast paced, high energy song. Vic Ruggiero and Phil Nerges’ “Tampa Road” is a story song with a good story line, it reminds me of those old movies from the 60s. I think he’s telling a story, not so much in a song, but in words with music mixed in, it’s a really good track. The Darlings’ “Where Do We Go” is high energy, good balanced tempo, and I feel the passion, the power behind the song, it reminds me of the rocks songs from the 90s. King Django Quintet’s “Reason” has more of a Latin and something else feel to it, it’s high energy, and is fast paced lyrics. Its bouncy, it’s really good nightclub dance music; it has an urban feel to it. Hola Ghost’s “The Man They Couldn’t Hang” also have that Latin feel, it’s not as fast paced, but it does have a nice tempo none the less, and it’s dark sort of, but it’s a good story overall. David Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7’s “RNA” is more of a Latin jazz combo, it starts off slow, but it’s a nice slow, it lures you in by being smooth. It has a nice smooth trumpet that’s been muted to give it that nice Latin full sound, it’s a slow dance song that’s all instrumental, and it’s so good. It’s a nice outside dancing track.
All in all, a great collection of diverse music that is still cohesive and entertaining. Something on here for everyone and this will be played a lot.


Review by: Amy East













This Austin, TX Celtic punk band has been around since October 2012 and has put out a fun debut album.
The lead vocals done by James Young are raspy, and rough, but not completely, there is a strong smooth sound to it right there in the middle surround by the roughness. It does have that traditional Celtic feel to it, and it has just the right amount of roughness to it to make it not so traditional. It’s good dance music, fast paced, high energy, and this isn’t a serious album, it was meant to entertain and have fun with. The backup vocals are good, strong, and energetic. The lyrics are good and strong, really clear, really bouncy, and the band is having a really good time doing this album and you can hear it. The tracks “Irish Goodbye,” and “Whiskey And Wine” are good examples of the band not taking themselves, or their music seriously. The track “Rebel Songs” is more downbeat at the beginning and more serious, but it fits with this album. If they didn’t put this song on here, the whole album would be one big fun-fest, so this track balances the album out. “A Kind Of Wake” has a 1950s rock and roll/Celtic feel to it and it works really well, it’s more rock in my opinion.
A very fun album that shows the band having fun, but a touch of seriousness slips in. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.


Review by: Amy East

YANIS: Queen Kari: Download / CD

Queen Kari cover art












Yanis is a 22 year old folk singer from Toronto, Ontario. Yanis was diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning Disorder at 13. NVLD, similar though not identical to Asperger’s, makes social interaction difficult, and so Yanis turned to creative writing to combat loneliness and express himself.

Kind of bouncy, 1950s feel to it, but a tad mellow, not so much a fast rock sound, but kind of a light sound to it. “Earl Of March” is more 60s or 70s sounding, which made a nice transition from the first two. “Earl Of March” does have a kind of a sad feel to it that the first two tracks didn’t. “Momentai” is kind of dark, kind of sad, and disturbing. “Jeri” is a sad, slow song that is just full of emotion. Yanis took great care in choosing the sound and feel to this album, from its tracks, to how he chooses his band members, the instruments, and it all paid off.

Even though this is his first album he sounds like he has done this for awhile. He has great potential.

Review by: Amy East

FICTION FACTORY: Throw The Warped Wheel Out – Special Edition













The album was originally released in 1984 by this Scottish new wave band.

The album is new re-release with bonus material that features versions of the resulting singles the album, “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love” and “All Or Nothing.” The album has been re-mastered and contains ten tracks from the original album plus nine essential bonus tracks. This is the most complete collection of the band’s material available. This is a nice dance album straight from the early 80s. It’s really nice to listen to, it’s not over the top high energy dance music, but it’s also a nice fun, kind of mellow dance album. The sound is clear and crisp, making it nice to hear sounds that you might have missed on the vinyl. Even though they are mostly know for “(Feels Like) Heaven,” there is a lot to explore on this album and the bonus tracks just add to the fun of getting deeper into their catalog. The bonus material features 12″ versions of the three resulting singles from the album; “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix)” and “All Or Nothing (Extended Version).” The remaining tracks are all related b-sides; “The Other Side Of Grey,” “Old Game Blue Flame,” “Everyone But You,” “This Is,” “Dreaming Of Someone” and “I Who Know You.”

As a fan, and someone who had purchased the album on vinyl when it came out, I’m glad to see that this has come out to hopefully find some new fans and get people to listen to more than the “hit.”