split with Tyrannicide cover art

Two bands facing off on this album, RIVERS RUN DRY, a Hungarian political crust band and TYRANNICIDE, a Dutch anarcho-hardcore band. These two political bands playing back to back, killer music will make you think with their great lyrics, as well as rage along with the music.

Starting off with RIVERS RUN DRY’s four songs, we get manic vocals shrieked out mixed with clean vocals, songs going from slow dirges to fast, almost metal in sound with thick bass, pummeling drums and hyper fast guitar licks. On TYRANNICIDE’s side we get six songs that have growled vocals, some slower, heavy parts mixed with blindly fast hardcore, crunchy guitar playing, and the devastating combination of the drums and bass to keep the huge bottom end booming.

Two bands, one 12″ record and one successful paring with both groups complimenting the other’s style so well, you would think that this would have happened more often. A mighty fine release with both bands being equally aggressive and intriguing. Good stuff!

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Two bands that have been around forever and never disappoint, bring us two songs each of punk / oi! that is sure to get stuck in your head and with great lyrics, how can you go wrong?

THE OPPRESSED are up first and their two songs are melodic, filled with great playing, energetic and songs that are as good as anything that they’ve done in the past. KLASSE KRIMINALE give us two songs of fantastic punk / oi! that are even more melodic than THE OPPRESSED’s songs and have great gang vocals and made me listen to them twice…they’re that good!

Two great bands doing what they do best, playing catchy, straight forward music that has tight playing, meaningful lyrics and will make you want to hunt down more of their music. Grab a copy for yourself and one for a friend.


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THE OPPRESSED: Football Violence: 7″

THE OPPRESSED is a Welsh anti-fascist Oi! band that formed in 1981 in Cardiff, Wales and have released a plethora of great songs and now we have three more for our enjoyment. “Football Violence” is a song railing against the hooligans that act like idiots and cause grief and pain for fans at football games and is a good song to shout out the chorus to. “Remember” is an anti-fascist song and is a little cleaner sounding and has some nice power to it. “Low Life” ends the single with a song about a person getting treated like shit from his family and growing up to be the person his family said he was and is probably the best song on the single with a catchy chorus. It was a good release with three punk / oi! songs that had a lot of power and will get you raising a pint and shouting out the choruses with the band.

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OI POLLOI are a punk rock band from Scotland that formed around 1981 and have put out a ton of great releases, and APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT hail from Huntington, WV and play a powerful blend of classic anarcho-punk, crust and a hint of metal, with aggressive female vocals, and urgent political lyrics, so this is a great double-header with both bands ripping up the playing field.

OI POLLOI come at you with manic playing and gruff vocals that just make you want to get up and start a pit in your living room, everything is so tightly played and the great lyrics just put them over the edge into great on their three songs. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT tear through their songs with every bit the anger and energy of OI POLLOI and adding a layer of crust that fits this release perfectly.

I really can’t think of too many splits that are so perfect in the way the two bands compliment each other, but don’t emulate each other. This is a huge split that you need to go out and get. The packaging has a fold out poster and is being pressed on 100% recycled vinyl.

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COP PROBLEM: Self-titled: 7″

This four-piece band from Philadelphia, PA throws down three brutally intense hardcore songs in around nine minutes and will blow you away.

They rage through these songs with their mix of d-beat, and hardcore and keep the level of insanity super high. The band play super tight and have great lyrics along with Deb on vocals who just shreds her vocal chords until the last song, “Blinded by Power” which slows things down and brings in a spoken word break, then gets right back into the madness that they’ve created.

All three songs kick ass and never get boring, they just seem to beg another listen right after you’ve heard it once. Go out and grab a fantastic release that will keep you coming back and will make you beg for more from them.

https://www.facebook.com/CopProblem  http://www.copproblem.com/


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Self Titled E.P. cover art

This band from Derby in the U.K. plays hardcore punk and has put out their debut EP with five brutal songs. 

The band just rips things up from the start with “To Kill Again” having deep, shouted vocals, fat bass, slick guitar playing and great drumming. “Fish Called Wanda” has fantastic drumming and guitar playing with heavy bass and gruff vocals that made this song a real favorite for me. “Perfect Picture Painted” has a fair bt of spoken word mixed with the gruff vocals and more of a metal sound, but still keeps the intensity up, especially with the thrash that tears things up around two-thirds of the way through the song and made for an interesting track. “There’s Something Very Wrong Here” gets back to the hardcore and has more of that great guitar playing and is a little more mid paced. “Ephemeral Foetus” is the last song and starts off nice and gentle and quiet, then the band takes it up a notch or three and the ferocity just keeps building and turns it into a dervish of a song and another highlight on the album.

Five songs that take your ears and burn them with anger and energy that sticks with you when you’re done listening to the album. They really play with a ton of talent and turn the EP into a taster of what you hope will continue on their next release.


http://ephemeralfoetus.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infiltrate-The-System-Records/113995301993777


SUTURA: Suenos Podridos: CD

A great CD from SUTURA that is filled with buzzsaw guitars, forceful bass, pounding drums and a vocalist that is actually singing, not shouting and together they make melodic punk rock that gets you moving and raising a pint or three to.

These mostly short songs zip by with a huge amount of energy and every song is melodic and catchy that it was an instant hit with me. The band plays tight, but not so smooth that the fire is dampened at all, the bands charges at you with all barrels blasting and makes a glorious noise with hit after hit. Every song is great on this album which is a definite treat when you get so many bands putting only a few good songs scattered throughout their albums, but these guys put one excellent punk song after another, creating the kind of album that you play all the way through and get a real workout from. The last song just keeps playing and you get a great punk song mixed with bizarre vocals that sounds like the band was in a goofy mood and threw this on for fun.

A great album from start to finish with excellent playing and chock full of songs that will keep you coming back for more. Check out these guys for a great time and an album that you will put on repeat.

http://www.suturapunk.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sutura-PUNK/124473140940994



APURTU: Self-titled: CD

Thirteen punk rock songs from this Basque Country band who play with energy and conviction.

The songs bring to mind bands from the early ’80s, a bit more crunchy sounding and lots of melody on here. The songs have that familiar sound, but aren’t derivative, they just feel right, like a band that you should have been listening to all along. The songs all have great sing along parts and if you can understand what they are singing about, you can shout along with them. The band really gets the blood pumping and keeps the energy going from the first song until the last note has been played on this album.

With every song being an instant favorite, I really can’t recommend this more. I had never heard of this band before, but now I have a new favorite and will be playing this nice and loud…I hope the neighbors like it as much as I do.

https://www.facebook.com/ApurtuTaldea  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infiltrate-The-System-Records/113995301993777



A great collection of four bands, KOKOSHA GLAVA and NOVI TSVETIA from Bulgaria, KAOS KOOPERATIV from Basque Country and PAUKI from Russia. A fantastic way to hear bands that you probably have never heard before and might just find a new favorite.

KOKOSHA GLAVA started in the late ’80s and is one of the legends in the Bulgarian punk scene. This disc presents their full collection of studio recordings stretched out between 1995 and 2006 and definitely has some scorchers. The songs are short, to the point and full of energy, great for cranking up and jumping around to. KAOS KOOPERATIV are a punk collective from Irun, Spain and includes members of the Spanish and the French part of the Basque Country. The songs have great gruff vocals and super tight playing, a real treat. NOVI TSVETIA has over thirty years of existence,and have not lost the energy and zeal to create blistering music. Especially for this new disc, they recorded several brand new songs of sloppy, but fun punk rock. PAUKI is one of the most famous and influential punk bands in Russia. On this album we get some of their old songs, but still incredibly tight sing along punk rock, if you can understand Russian that is.

This is a fantastic way to check out four bands playing punk rock, and hardcore that truly don’t have a sense of doing it for the money, but instead, doing it for the pure enjoyment of creating music that is great and fun to boot. Grab a copy of this and get yourself immersed in the international scene with four incredible bands.