CHOOSE YOUR POISON / NU, POGODI!: Fuck My Womb I’m Calling In Dead Split: 7″

Five song split single from CHOOSE YOUR POISON from Appleton, WI and NU, POGODI! from Leeds, UK. Both bands giving their everything on these five songs and destroying whatever gets in their way.

Kicking things off is CYP with “Calling in Dead / Damage Is Done” which is one devastating track that reminded me of DAYGLO ABORTIONS a bit with the crazed playing and shouted lyrics, and “Enter The Coma” is the last of their tracks and completes the skate punk / thrash / metal mix that made me sad that hardly anyone plays this style anymore and nowhere as good as they do. The next three songs from NU, POGODI! come at you like a wailing banshee fronting a whirlwind. Lots of screaming, machine gun drumming, riffs aplenty and deep bass all add up to a thrash / crust / punk fest that will leave you wanting more.

Two bands that totally killed it on this release and blew me away with the anger and energy that they both possess. This is the kind of single that you put on and a pit breaks out and sweeps you in and knocks you on your ass. Great stuff!

ELECTRO PUNX: Doom With A View: CD

This one man band from Newcastle upon Tyne really does a great job of mixing things up on this eleven song album. You get punk rock, crust, a touch of ska and some electronic all on here.

Great gruff vocals, a wall of sound, guitars coming out of the mix, banging drums and a sense of having a good time while doing this all add up to an interesting release. Some straight forward songs “I’m A Leg – End”, “In Unity”, “Fight Night” and “Disease Or The Breeze”, the ska song “Time Bomb”, the electronic “Facefeck”, the doom song “Pain” and the rest of the songs with their mix of crust and anarcho punk all are well performed and have a nice edge that adds to the enjoyment of this album. You would never know that this is just one person, he does such a great job on the different instruments that it really sounds like a full band.

Grab this and check out a very diverse and intriguing collection of songs that will leave you wanting more

AMEBIX: Sonic Mass: CD

First material from this seminal British punk band in over twenty years. AMEBIX reformed in 2009 to do a world-wide tour which sold out in the U.S prompting the idea to record new material.

While not being the heavy-duty crust punk band that they were back in the old days, this album shows a band not willing to roll over and do what you expect them to do. Yeah a rehash would make the fans happy, but then they would complain that they haven’t grown and are just aping their old sound and when they try something new, the fans complain that they don’t sound like they used to…you can’t win. This has a very diverse sound from the gentle and subdued first song “Days” to most of the album that retains the punk sound mixed with KILLING JOKE tribal rhythms, along with technical metal, and ambience. The band really takes the new direction to heart and plays full on with feeling and a sense of love for the material. I really can’t pick just a few songs to talk about since the whole album works as a whole and is a complete package.

You need to listen to this album without trying to compare it to their previous albums and enjoy it for what it is, a great album that will captivate you from start to finish and keep you coming back time and time again. This is one classic album that really stood out from the crowd and will definitely get played a lot around my house.



split with Tyrannicide cover art

Two bands facing off on this album, RIVERS RUN DRY, a Hungarian political crust band and TYRANNICIDE, a Dutch anarcho-hardcore band. These two political bands playing back to back, killer music will make you think with their great lyrics, as well as rage along with the music.

Starting off with RIVERS RUN DRY’s four songs, we get manic vocals shrieked out mixed with clean vocals, songs going from slow dirges to fast, almost metal in sound with thick bass, pummeling drums and hyper fast guitar licks. On TYRANNICIDE’s side we get six songs that have growled vocals, some slower, heavy parts mixed with blindly fast hardcore, crunchy guitar playing, and the devastating combination of the drums and bass to keep the huge bottom end booming.

Two bands, one 12″ record and one successful paring with both groups complimenting the other’s style so well, you would think that this would have happened more often. A mighty fine release with both bands being equally aggressive and intriguing. Good stuff!


OI POLLOI are a punk rock band from Scotland that formed around 1981 and have put out a ton of great releases, and APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT hail from Huntington, WV and play a powerful blend of classic anarcho-punk, crust and a hint of metal, with aggressive female vocals, and urgent political lyrics, so this is a great double-header with both bands ripping up the playing field.

OI POLLOI come at you with manic playing and gruff vocals that just make you want to get up and start a pit in your living room, everything is so tightly played and the great lyrics just put them over the edge into great on their three songs. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT tear through their songs with every bit the anger and energy of OI POLLOI and adding a layer of crust that fits this release perfectly.

I really can’t think of too many splits that are so perfect in the way the two bands compliment each other, but don’t emulate each other. This is a huge split that you need to go out and get. The packaging has a fold out poster and is being pressed on 100% recycled vinyl.

I.D.N.S.: Indoctrinations: Cassette

Toronto, Ontario’s I.D.N.S. lay down some heavy and brutal political crust punk that will get stuck in your player and make you rip the volume knob off. They made the red, paper sleeves of the cassette and folded and glued them together and included the great lyrics.

This is harsh and passionate, fast-paced and the vocals are screamed in such a way that you need the lyric sheet to get the message, but you can hear how angry his is and the rest of the band are in the playing. You get six songs that are equally strong and filled with rage that would make getting close to the stage a very precarious situation because you can just imagine what the pit would be like, a swirling morass of bodies careening off of one another while the band plays at high velocity.

Go out and grab this release and feel anger that will be contagious enough to infect you when you play it. Great sound bites thrown in-between the songs as well, especially the George Carlin bit.

BRING TO RUIN: Self-titled: CD

BRING TO RUIN have been together since October 2010 and are from Wales, UK and play a mix of hardcore, crust and punk. At the time of recording, the band was composed of Jon on drums and vocals, Ross on vocals, Paul on guitar and vocals and Dave on bass.

“Intro” is a nice instrumental track that gets you in the groove for the rest of the album with its more moshy hardcore sound, then they jump into “Curse Of The Innocent” which slams you into the back of your chair and gets the proceedings of to an intense start. “Capitalist Eyes” amps up the fury a few more notches with the band really trying to destroy their instruments on this track, ” Economist Psychopath” is the longest track on the album at just over three and a half minutes and BRING TO RUIN don’t slow done at all, they actually made this one of my favorite songs on here with the way they gave everyone a bit of a spotlight in a way. The bass has a lot of presence on this album which is a treat since a lot of bands bury the bass in the mix, the guitar has some great leads that are thick and juicy, the drumming is pummeling, and the vocals are shouted, but you can understand what Ross is saying and his gruff shouts are angry sounding and it fits perfectly into the mix. “Stale Motion”, “The Rot”, “Cut And Run”, “Resentment”, and “Career Suicide” were all stellar tracks on this album.

There’s a great bunch of songs on here, with power and excitement galore. The band really goes out of its way to give you an album that really has no weak tracks, no slow songs, just balls to the wall music that will make any pit a lot of fun, and hard to leave.

KOLLAPSE: Kollapse: 10″

kollapse s/t (free download) cover art

KOLLAPSE is a three-piece DIY band from Denmark, that has two members from the Mighty Midgets and have recently released their debut self titled album which contains six tracks that blend together crust, sludge and hardcore / punk with dual vocals.

About halfway through the first song “Coffins”, you get the full band making a hell-filled racket, but a glorious one with dual vocals, one higher pitched and screaming and the other lower and growling, before that, you have some big time distortion on the bass that makes for a spooky beginning before going in a faster direction. “Man Machine” is a mix of doom, sludge and crust with lots of distortion and the dual vocals, but the track seems to be so heavy that the band can’t play it fast because it’s weighing them down and dragging them slowly into the tar pits, and “Liberate” starts off slow and then picks up the pace a bit and the band has a bit of a BLACK SABBATH feel to them on this track. You have two sides of the coin on here that they blend together well, the slow, dragging tracks and the faster, punch someone in the face songs that work together. The dual vocals are a nice touch, giving you a different feel within each song, the bass is a star attraction with tons of distortion and a leader on most songs, the drumming is pounding away really heavy and the guitar playing adds some texture with the quick leads here and there. “Grief”  has a layer of sludge and doom that is super thick, but is a hard track to ignore with the great playing on it, “No Gods” has a great solo in it, which is one of the rare times that the guitarist gets that ability and carries the doom / sludge fest for one more song, last song “Minamata Disease” has so much anger and it’s almost evil sounding, which was awesome.

For a debut, this was one heavy album with depth and excellent playing from the band. The production was thick and dirty sounding, perfect for these songs, because anything cleaner sounding would have taken away from the songs and experience of this album. I’m interested in hearing where they are going in the future, it should be interesting. Pick this one up if you want some thick, fat, hardcore mixed with doom, sludge and crust that’s done well.


This four piece band out of Boston, MA has a raging four track EP release here with two originals and two covers of Celtic Frost songs. This band is just crushing the competition with some brutal hardcore/thrash that smashes into your chest and knocks the shit out of you.

This has some crust on it, but it doesn’t completely dominate this recording, it adds to it. This has just the right elements of hardcore, thrash, crust and even some d-beat that it will please a whole bunch of you guys. The songs aren’t super long, so this leaves you wanting more and sounds great blaring out of your car, trust me, I pissed off some people with this and loved every minute of it!.
This is one of those releases that I was kind of wondering if I was going to be into it, but this really grabbed me and I’m so glad that I got the chance to hear this. This is a really tight recording and really well-played with really good production that made this a really cool recording.

THE BEYOND: Frostbitepanzerfuck: CD

THE BEYOND plays a mix of black metal, crust and punk and if you don’t have a sense of humor don’t get this because you will need to not be PC at all for this release.

Lots of lyrics made to offend are all over this, just check out some titles, “Roto-Cunt”, “Goat Sodomizer”, and they cover GG Allin’s “Cunt Sucking Cannibal”. This should give you an idea of where they are coming from, the crazed gutter apparently, but luckily for me, this album made me laugh out loud and I’ve played it more than a few times. The band plays hard and fast and goes from playing punk to black metal songs, and even mixing the genres up on the same song all with skill. The production has the feel of being there in the studio with them, not all prettied up, but a bit gritty and rough while still allowing for all the instruments to be heard clearly. The band has plenty of blazing guitar, heavy thumping bass, pummeling drums, and vocals that go from screaming, to rough edged singing, and they even have some gang vocals on my favorite track “Necro Overload” which is some fast punk rock and as catchy as a sexually transmitted disease.

As I said before, this isn’t an album for everyone, but if you want something a bit different and damn good, but offensive, pick this one up.