THE BUGGLES: Age Of Plastic: CD



The Age of Plastic is the debut studio album written, produced and performed by British new wave duo The Buggles, which consisted of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. With the big hit “Video Killed The Radio Star,” this album became a real worldwide success. This deluxe edition features three bonus tracks.

The Buggles have a place in music history because “Video Killed The Radio Star” was the first music video shown on MTV, but don’t think that this album is just that one song, it has a lot more to  offer. “Kid Dynamo,” is a great song with electric guitars and strings that propel the song along. “I Love You (Miss Robot)” has great female vocals midway through the song and its synthesized vocals make this seem like it was the future at the time. “Clean, Clean” has a slow beginning before going full force with guitar and drums, and has an inspired synthesizer solo in the middle of the song. “Johnny On The Monorail” is a quick-paced soundscape of synthesizer playing. The bonus songs add some depth, and time to this short album. The three bonus tracks on this reissue are; the delightful lite-reggae “Island,” the quirky “Technopop,” and a different version of “Johnny On The Monorail.” The remastering job makes this a lot clearer and crisper, you can hear sounds and bleeps that were hidden on the original release, plus the quieter passages no longer have that mild hissing noise.

A great album that holds up just as well now as it did when it was first released and actually may be just as relevant of technology taking over. Grab this and relive the fun and excitement of early new wave, just remember to play it loud.

NEW ORDER: Music Complete: CD












Music Complete is New Order’s tenth studio album, and it’s the first batch of new songs they’ve recorded since 2005’s Waiting For The Sirens’ Call. This is the first album since the departure of bassist Peter Hook and reintroducing original keyboardist Gillian Gilbert back into the fold.

“Restless” is their leadoff single and is a little bit mellow, but still a very good song with a nice groove to it, but “Singularity” is a real corker that should have started the album. It is faster and has more of those old, peppy dance songs that they do so well. “Plastic” is another fantastic track that gives you a lot of the classic music they have put out, but still keeps things very much modern. You also get La Roux’s Elly Jackson on the great tracks“Plastic,” “Tutti Frutti,” and “People on the High Line,” Iggy Pop on “Stray Dog’” and longtime fan and friend Brandon Flowers on “Superheated.” The band have really gotten back into the mindset of putting out an album that gets you dancing, but also thinking about their lyrics. The music takes you back more into the ’80s, but not in sound, but in style of the album.

A great release that will have you singing and dancing along to the songs for a long time. Don’t worry, that guy who isn’t in the band anymore isn’t missed too badly since new bassist Tom Chapman handles those duties quite well.

KISSING THE PINK: Naked CD [Expanded Edition]












Thirty two years after its original release sees the first CD reissue of the debut album by new wave synthpop pioneers Kissing The Pink in a digitally remastered and expanded edition. This special edition includes the twelve original album tracks, plus seven related bonus tracks all sourced from the original master tapes. All the tracks have been sourced from the original production master tapes, the CD booklet features the original album front cover plus, extensive sleeve notes with band members sharing their memories of the period and a UK discography.

I remember back when this album came out, I heard the song “Watching Their Eyes” on radio station CFNY and taped it, and loved it. I spent a long time trying to find the album, but no one seemed to carry it and I had to settle for that one song. One day I was out with my mom shopping at Zellers, a low priced chain store, I know, how cool of me, and saw this album in the cut out bin in their music department and almost died…my album that I have been looking all over for, now just $3.99. I had to have it and got my mom to buy it for me, and played the hell out of it. Now this new remastered CD is out and I couldn’t be happier to have it. I have played this album over and over and read the booklet a few times over too. To have “Watching Their Eyes” uncut from the radio, and the remix of this song, it has been fantastic to say the least. There are more great songs on here too, “Mr. Blunt,” “Last Film,” and “Big Man Restless.” The great thing is the added remixes which add to the album so much. The album is dancey and esoteric at the same time, something that bands in the ’80s grasped well.

With great sound, and bonus tracks, this is a very welcome addition to my collection and should be one in yours. This band went a fair bit more commercial later on and this shows the more edgy side of their music. A great album that still sounds fresh and exciting.

CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol. 5 Forever Dead: CD













Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats, and punk attitude that has the feel of old school death metal, but is fresh and super tight. This is the fifth release with only three songs, this band will destroy you.

As soon as you hit play, this band comes at you at full speed and doesn’t let go until the last note fades. Bass that hangs heavy and is thick as mud, the combined growled vocals and the cleaner vocals combine to give the songs a nice feel and depth, as do the gang vocals. The drumming in pounding and unrelenting, the guitar playing is fast, but has tight licks that you can really get into. The songs are tight, rough and the whole thing is a brutal fest that you don’t want to end. Great lyrics add to this release, as does the nice production that makes everything able to be heard, nothing is buried in the mix.

This is a band that I’ve been listening to for a while now and I look forward to their releases. One brutal and tasty treat that you will want to sample over and over again.

THE DANSE SOCIETY: Reincarnated: Download












After starting out back in 1980 in Barnsley, England, this band has released some amazing albums and songs that appear on a plethora of Gothic compilations, but they only hint at the thrill of an entire album by them.

With lead singer Brian O’Shaughnessy, the band has a more rock-tinged sound than they did before, but it actually fits the vibe of the album perfectly. “Message In The Wind” kicks things off and even though they had released this on a previous album, they make it sound brand new.  The redo five original era tracks on here and they completely reinvent them. The fantastic title track is a drummer’s paradise instrumental piece. “Child Of Paradise,” is a great track that I couldn’t get enough of. “Seance And Heresy” has a great post punk sound. “More Than Dreams” made me want to get up and dance (or danse). “Glory Or Grace” has a huge sound that reminds me a bit of THE MISSION. “All That Shines” has a lot of keyboards and sounds like a great mix of older and newer sounds all mashed together.

As a fan of this band since 1983, I have to be honest; I loved it and play it all of time. This is a great return to form and I hope that they keep going on forever.

SAVAGE: 7/Live ‘N’ Lethal: Download












Since their formation, they have released classic and solid demos and singles, as well as seven full length albums. The first disc here is a new studio record fittingly called 7 and the second disc, Live ‘n’ Lethal, is a live album containing all songs from their debut album Loose ‘n’ Lethal as well as a few tracks from Sons Of Malice, Xtreme Machine and Hyperactive.

“I Am The Law” sets the wheels in motion making the driving rocker a perfect start to the record and gets the fists pumping immediately. “Lock n’ Load” is a total riff fest, and you can just rock out to the inspired solos. The band slows things down a notch for “Empire Of Hate,”then they ramp things up again with thick groove of “Super Spy.” The aggressive metal of “Speed Freak” keeps things going nice and heavy. The acoustic ballad “The Road To Avalon (Sins of the Fathers)” slows things down a bit.  The band gears up for the album’s final stretch with the awesome “Payback’s A Bitch,” then they keep on going with the last two killers, “Shake The Tree,” and “Heads Will Roll.” Don’t stop there, you get a whole album of devastating live tracks that will keep you listening long after mediocre bands give only one album. The live album will make you jealous of people that get to see them live because I’m jealous.

A definite keeper that will please the new and the older fans and will keep you coming back for more. Play often and play loud.

FLEXX BRONCO: Volume. 3: Vinyl













San Francisco’s punk n’ rollers return with album number three, Volume.3. Twelve new tracks that they’ve bashed out so you can bash around the room while listening.

From the instrumental opener “Mors Non Separabit,” through the excellent “Blondetourage,” the band hits you hard and wants you to commit to them, just as they are committed to giving us a kick in the pants. “”Deadman (2015)” is a hard-hitting song that makes you want to get up and shake your ass. “Heart on the Floor (Original),” is a cool ’50s sounding track that fits into this album of heaviness with its slight change of pace. “Big Sky Fire” and the stomping track “Vallejo” are a couple of tight and blasting songs. The reprise of “Heart on the Floor” forgoes the ’50s sound of the original for a full-on blast of punk. The band just keeps the amazing tracks going and you keep getting drawn into their whirlwind of sound.

A great return from a band that just gets better as they go along. An album to be played over and over again, until your neighbors know the words too.