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Continuing on where they left off with their previous album Live 1, but with a bit more crowd noise and a deeper catalog of Gabriel’s songs, the band plays with all of the heart and talent of that first set.This group features original Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, former King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn, ex-Shriekback guitarist Michael Cozzi, keyboardist David Jameson, and vocalist Brian Cummins.

Being a fan of Peter Gabriel, but not a fanatic that knows his catalog inside out is a good thing because this album gives me a chance to sample songs that I would probably not have listened to in the first place. Yes, I’m more of a popular songs kind of guy when it comes to him, but this collection has drawn me in and turned me onto his deeper tracks. As I listen to this album, it hits me the same way that the first one did, i have goosebumps, and become emotional, with my eyes watering up while I close my eyes and let the sounds flow over me. The pure talent that this musicians have is staggering and I am in awe of just how much I find myself playing this over and over, not just for me, but for anyone and everyone who I can get to listen to it. While the audience is mixed a bit louder in the beginning and end of the songs, it’s not obtrusive at all, it reminds you that this is a live band, not some studio band tweaking everything before you get to hear it, this is a raw and exciting group that blows me away. While I thought the entire album was excellent, the final three songs, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,” “Fly On A Windshield,” and “On The Air” were the highlights for me. Cummins used the crowd to sing along and the interaction made this a real treat.

You would think that the second of this project would not far as well as the first, but that would be a terrible conclusion, this is every bit as good as the first album and actually has a touch more warmth to it. As I said before, I’m a fan of Gabriel’s hits, but this band is turning me into a fan of all of his work. This is a special group of people who are doing something that means a lot to them, and it’s exciting for their fans as well.



This three-piece band from Boston has just released their debut album of melodic hard rock that includes a cover of “Jailhouse Rock” and seven originals. The band on this album consisted of David Vaccaro (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mike McDonald (bass, vocals), and Scott Marion (drums & percussion), but Marion has left the band due to a move and time constraints, so the new drummer is Michael Bangrazi from Massachusetts.

The band comes out of the gates with a rocking tight and catchy song in “That’s How It Is,” and sets the template for the rest of the album. A great chorus that sticks in your head, some head bobbing, crunchy guitar and a great beat make for a song that will sound amazing live. “All I Want” is another great track with an early ’80s sound that makes you think that it’s a lost classic…and it is a classic song. The “Jailhouse Rock” cover is tight and well…’s a great song. “I Only Want To Be With You” has a touch of a Beatles vibe and is a great slow song to grab your girl and give her a tight squeeze while singing along. “Let Your Lovin Come Down” has a great sound and is so catchy that I started to sing along while listening to it the first time. “Got To Rock” has a touch of Golden Earring to it and is another great song.

It’s a real pleasure to hear a rock band that doesn’t scream at me, play crazy scales on the guitar, or go for an edgy sound, they play clean, but thoughtful and kick-ass hard rock that is timeless and well needed. Grab a copy of this album, put it into your car, roll the windows down and crank it up while it’s still warm out and cruise to your heart’s content.


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Cure for Gravity is Chris Gamper (drums), Joe Markert (vocals, keys, guitars) and Dave Walcott (guitars, vocals), and with Dan Feiszli on bass. Hailing from Berkeley, CA this trio delivers an entrancing amalgam of atmospheric synth/alt rock that is reminiscent of later Tears For Fears in sound and vocals.

I put on this six song album and after hitting play, I was transported back to the late ’80s, early ’90s when bands were still melodic and used keyboards with finesse, before the grunge bands came in and knocked this kind of music out of the charts and out of people’s radar. These guys bring those days back, but still manage to sound modern and exciting with catchy songs with soulful vocals that pull you in and get trapped in your ears. With atmospheric songs like “Tonight,” this band really takes you on a trip that makes you close your eyes and lifts you up out of your plane of existence and carries you to another place that almost puts a tear in your eye with its beauty. To be honest, I really loved every song on here and played it over and over again because I could not get enough of these songs. First single “Black Metal” has a chiming guitar, a smooth groove and fantastic vocals that will grab you.

Coming into this review, I had no idea or preconceived thoughts about this band, and now I am a follower and will be keeping an eye out for them. Funny how you can find your new favorite band this way.

TRASHKANNON: Now that’s what I call Poop 45

Now that's what I call Poop 45 cover art

TrahKannon have been around since 2009, are based in San Jose, CA and play goofy punk rock that is crazed and fun. This is a covers album, where they skewer songs from Katy Perry, Daft Punk, One Direction, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus and other (s)hit makers.

All that I can say is this…I have no idea what the originals are supposed to sound like, since I do not listen to any of these “artists,” but this is one funny and very cool album. The songs are sloppy, ramshackle, chaotic and every bit fun and I loved it. If you are a fan of the bands that they cover…..yeah…..don’t think that this is for you, but if you want to hear a band ripping through songs with energy and having a great time, then this is for you. The songs are mostly short, I guess getting rid of the crap and fit perfectly into their repertoire. This is punk rock the way that I like it, raw, gritty and fun.

This is a great album with songs that most, if not all punk fans would hate in their regular versions, but the way that this is done….fantastic! Get this and piss off the fans of the originals, or just get it because it’s a good album dammit!


OUTSIDE E.P. cover art

Members of Minneapolis’s Banner Pilot, Soviettes, Dear Landlord, and Gateway District have formed a new band, but this is not the end of Gateway District. This is just an outlet from very creative people to put out more music…nothing wrong with that at all.

The cover reminds me of a cool new wave album from the early ’80s and then you hit play and hear that it’s not new wave, it’s a mix of punk, alternative and post punk. These two songs are tight, catchy and they sound huge. The music is in your face and fills a room with the power that they possess. “Blank State” starts off mellow and then becomes a behemoth of a song and it grabs your ears and won’t let go. “Dashi Bay” is my favorite of the two and really hints at the songs that I listened to back in 1986, especially by a band called Go Four 3. This song is killer ; I love the beat, the guitar playing and the vocals that just flow perfectly.

A very cool and tight sounding EP that makes me long to hear more songs and hopefully hear them performed live. With talent as good as this band has in it, no wonder they need more outlets for their music.


Cold Pizza & Warm Beer (SDR 017) cover art

This San Jose, CA band, really just two guys, plays a great mix of surf and punk rock that is sure to put a smile on your face. This is their fifth album and it sounds like they are coming at you with guns blazing and tunes rocking your ass off.

All songs are written by Manak except for “Don’t Talk To Me” by GG And The Jabbers, and “New Race” by Radio Birdman. Manak also plays guitar, bass, piano and does vocals, while Thor DSR bangs those drums with vigor. The songs are catchy and immediate earworms that you never want to leave. The playing is impressive, with everything given room to be heard and the vocals have the right amount of snottiness to them that adds to the grit on the album. “Live In A Cube” has a fantastic early punk sound, kind of a mix of The Dead Boys and Iggy that I Can’t get enough of. That’s not saying that these guys don’t have any other good songs…that would be a lie since I liked every song on here and hit replay as soon as the album was over to hear it all again.

You can hear the fun that they had making this record and it will infuse you with the same excitement and cause random bursts of dancing, and singalongs, but that’s ok, there’s a cure for that…….play the album again! This is the kind of stuff that I look for and never find, but somehow, I got lucky and this found me.



Raging Dead is a horror punk/metal band based out of Cremona, Italy. This is the band’s debut EP, and contains six tracks, well, only five, since the first track is an intro.

“Scratch Me” is an upbeat song which grabs you right away with it power and lets you know what you are in for. The riffs and overall sound are a mix of punk and metal, but the anger is something that fans of either camp can appreciate. The vocals are fairly clean and gritty, giving a nice added edge to the music. “Anathema” is a nice crunchy song with a great chorus and gang vocals, plus a great guitar solo. “Redemption” keeps the venom going with more riffing and a slick groove that actually makes you want to dance along. “Nightstalker” is a brutal track with the bitterness just dripping from the vocals and the band plays so tight that it’s almost claustrophobic sounding. “Vengeance” is a bit more manic sounding, allowing the evil to shine through with the pure hatred ripping through the song.

These guys have a winner on their hands, with the vile and intense disgust that they spew forth covering you like a filthy blanket that you can’t get rid of, but you still stay there, tightly bound and it comforts you. The band has perked up my ears, and ripped a layer of flesh from them with their racket, but what a glorious racket it is.