BORN ANNOYING: Living How You’re Not: 7″

Born Annoying is a hardcore/punk band from the Jersey Shore formed in 2011. This is their debut vinyl EP with six short songs that will make you put this on repeat.

BORN ANNOYING don’t waste a second on this EP, they come out of the gates with both barrels and you the listener just put your hands up and surrender to the ruckus that these guys are making. The guitar buzzes like a Japanese Zero coming at you, the drummer is hitting the kit as if it’s on fire and he;s trying to put it out, the bassist is throwing chunky riffs out, and the singer is yelling at you to get his point across. There are bits of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES on here, especially on “Forever” which made me think of “I Saw Your Mommy”, the gang vocals rocked and every song was one of those get up and slam songs that I love so much.

This was all killer and no filler, one that I will be bugging people with for a long time. These guys would be wild to see live, go check them out if they come your way.



MALFUNCTION: Finding My Peace: 7″

Finding My Peace cover art

In the summer of 2011, MALFUNCTION was founded by four friends who wanted to play music to revive the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene. In that short time, they have become a band that deserves to be mentioned as one of the best up-and-coming bands around.

Heavy and pounding mid-tempo, nod your head, NYHC style, metal hardcore, no if or buts about it, but that’s what you get when your band is named after a song by the CRO-MAGS. These five songs go by quickly, even though they’re not that short, it’s because they are so good that they seem to go by too fast, it leaves you wanting more which is a great way to make your fans buy your new stuff. MALFUNCTION lay the guitar on with changes and riffs galore, thick bass, drums that are destroying the kit and vocals that are shouted, but are in control.

There is not a duff song on this single, and the band will get those pits going with the slower parts giving way to the faster playing. These guys did a great job in bringing hardcore that kills to the Buffalo area.

BORN FROM PAIN: The New Future: LP

BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of ’97, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. After a ton of people who have come and gone from the band, they put out their new album The New Future is making a statement to fight, force and unite against what tries to kill us.

Things kick off with the great track “Change Or Die” with the charging drums, the great breakdowns and guitar playing, the thumping bass and the gruff vocals that had great gang vocals added to the song, it would fit perfectly into a mix of older thrash bands like ANTRAX and SLAYER. Track two “Never Walk Alone” continues the awesomeness with more heavy playing and the gang vocals are still there. “Reap The Storm” has great guitar playing, heavy, melodic and just a crushing track. “American Treason” basically ends the album for those of you who want the hard and heavy stuff with a bang, because the next bunch of songs are like a completely different band took over. “Kampfbereitis full of synthesizers and is a techno/industrial song, “Heartbeat” has a lot less of the techno/industrial feel and is closer to more straight ahead music like the beginning of the album. The title song keeps the feel of the earlier songs going with a touch of MINISTRY because of the added synthesizers, “The Dominos Fall” is an instrumental song with samples in place of vocals, great heavy guitar, pummeling drums, banging bass and synthesizers bringing me back to the old Wax Trax days of industrial music. The last two songs are remixes of “Heartbeat” done more industrial.

If you are a fan of crossover/metalcore, the first half of the album is perfect for you, if you like industrial metal, the second half is for you, luckily, I like both so it was an interesting mixture of styles that I really liked, but I can see how this will not be an album that will please everyone. If you are open-minded, check it out, it kicks ass.

CHOSEN ONES: They Called Your Number: LP

Buffalo, NY’s CHOSEN ONES debut full-length album takes the best elements of street punk and Oi, and adds melody to the mix. These twelve songs use their influences, SOCIAL DISTORTION, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and THE DEAD BOYS as a jumping off point and go beyond those subtle references.

Ruben who does vocals and bass and Benny on vocals and guitar have a great pair of contrasting, but complimentary vocal styles, one is more gruff than the other and they join together perfectly. The guitar playing is crunchy and full of licks that would knock the battery off of Robert Conrad’s shoulder in the old Eveready battery commercials, the bass is full and solid, the drums push the band forward with the driving beat and the song writing is great with songs about the struggle of life, friendship and the heartache of being beat down over and over again. The songs are filled with hooks galore, passionate singing and real care put into the production that is clear, but still leaves them with a rugged sound that gives the album the feel of being a true representation of them, not a cleaned up, watered down mess. The album is very straight forward and played hard, but the last song “They Called Your Number” is a very different song, very heartfelt and it has touches of rock mixed with a touch of country…very cool track, something like you would hear on an album from Mike Ness.

This was a great album, lots of catchy, memorable songs that grow even better with repeated listens. I’m looking forward to hearing what they have in store for future releases, because if they hit the mark so well on this album, the next one should be immense.

OUT CROWD: Just Us: 7″


Seven songs of fast hardcore that has dual vocals and go by so fast that you’ll be up out of your seat a bunch of times to replay this baby. I’m going into this one totally blind, I have never heard of this band before and don’t have a clue about them except that guitar, bass and drum players Pete, Steven and John started Atlanta, GA’s OUT CROWD in the winter of 2010.

With that out-of-the-way, OUT CROWD are a tight hardcore band that don’t have the metal sound that is in a lot of hardcore bands, but more of a punk edge to their music. They come at you with impassioned shouted vocals that rail against apathy, wanting a chance in life to be more, and being yourself. The playing is really sharp, lots of chugging guitars with crisp leads, full and forceful bass, a drummer that just pummels his kit and so much energy that I got tired just listening to them. Every song on here is a keeper, they didn’t put anything on this EP that isn’t a fully formed battle cry that kicks ass.

For a band I knew nothing about, I now want to know more and find out if there is more music from them out there. If I could find out if they are still together and if they are, will they be playing anywhere near me….hmmmmmmm.