CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol. 5 Forever Dead: CD












Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats, and punk attitude that has the feel of old school death metal, but is fresh and super tight. This is the fifth release with only three songs, this band will destroy you.

As soon as you hit play, this band comes at you at full speed and doesn’t let go until the last note fades. Bass that hangs heavy and is thick as mud, the combined growled vocals and the cleaner vocals combine to give the songs a nice feel and depth, as do the gang vocals. The drumming in pounding and unrelenting, the guitar playing is fast, but has tight licks that you can really get into. The songs are tight, rough and the whole thing is a brutal fest that you don’t want to end. Great lyrics add to this release, as does the nice production that makes everything able to be heard, nothing is buried in the mix.

This is a band that I’ve been listening to for a while now and I look forward to their releases. One brutal and tasty treat that you will want to sample over and over again.

CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol. 4 Meet Me In The Tomb: CD

Finnish death metal that combines d-beat and punk attitude that feels like old school death metal, but is fresh and super tight. This is the fourth brutal release and in four songs, they will crush you.

Started off with an incredible first song, “Bedlam,” the EP gets things going with a song that  goes from frenzied attack to a slow grind and just kills. “The Gallows Pole” has a nice punk / thrash feel to it that gets the head banging right away. Great guttural vocals and some screamed vocals combine to an amazing effect. “The Reckoning (Abyss pt. 2)” just continues the assault with chugging guitar playing mixed with tight leads, thick bass, and pounding drums that are fantastic. Last song “Masturbating on the Grave of Everything” is a short, fast attack that kicks up the thrash and will make the pit a fun place to be in when these guys play live.

Four songs, not one song wasted, just insanity from the get go with a bit of diversity to break things up and show the skill that these guys have, This band has not recorded a clunker yet, buy all of their releases today!


This record is something that both bands have had in mind for a year or so, ever since the bands played their first show together in Copenhagen in 2012. The bands have been friends for years, even though they live in different cities, Copenhagen and Aalborg, so it was a natural progression for the bands to do something together after releasing their debut albums.

NO FEALTY get things going with a wall of ear bleeding noise called “Ravished” that is a short and powerful blast of intense d-beat and hardcore / metal fury that will devastate your ears. KOLLAPSE come out with their almost three times long track “Father” that hits just as hard as the preceding song, but is slower and has sludge and hardcore fighting for a place in your ears and is a crazed track that is super heavy.

This is one heavy and brutal single, perfect for blaring as loud as you can and for repeated listens. Grab this one today!


COP PROBLEM: Self-titled: 7″

This four-piece band from Philadelphia, PA throws down three brutally intense hardcore songs in around nine minutes and will blow you away.

They rage through these songs with their mix of d-beat, and hardcore and keep the level of insanity super high. The band play super tight and have great lyrics along with Deb on vocals who just shreds her vocal chords until the last song, “Blinded by Power” which slows things down and brings in a spoken word break, then gets right back into the madness that they’ve created.

All three songs kick ass and never get boring, they just seem to beg another listen right after you’ve heard it once. Go out and grab a fantastic release that will keep you coming back and will make you beg for more from them.

CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol.1 Stay Out Of My Grave: CD

CHURCH OF THE DEAD is a Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats and a twisted sense of morbid humor. This is their debut release and their second EP has been recorded and mastered. It will be released on 15th of May 2013, these guys don’t waste any time now do they?

The four songs on this EP start off with a short snippet that sounds like you’re in the middle of an old horror movie with all sorts of creepy sounds and music, then it kicks off into the brutal “Nekrovulture” which is heavy, fast as hell and has both high-pitched raspy and low growled vocals mixed together. “Beheaded, scooped & Displayed is a little slower, and heavier, but just as intense as the first song, this is where you really get the huge d-beat sound, and “The Abyss” starts off really doomy with a slow dirge like feel and low growled vocals, but then the bands kicks into high gear and off we go into a great end to the EP. Band members K.Lahti on guitar, J.Pihlajaniemi on vocals, T.Makkonen on drums, and A.Poutanen on bass guitar really poured out a ton of aggression and intensity on their debut.

For a debut, this was one hell of a ride through heaviness and it was a ride that I didn’t want to get off of. I’m really looking forward to the next release from this band, if this is any tiny bit of what is coming up, then we are in for a treat.