Comic Characters I Have Liked

I’ve been collecting on and off for many years and have liked certain characters more than others. I’m not going to get super involved in the history of comics, just some characters I can think of right now.

I’ve always been a fan of Superman, the Vision, Prez, Sandman, Mon-El, Shazam (Captain Marvel), Sgt Rock, Sgt Fury, OMAC, Deathlok, Batman (70’s – early 80’s), the Beast, Wolverine (not anymore, overexposure), Captain America, the Cat (Hellcat), Spider-Man, Tigra, Omega, Nova, Hyperion, Captain Thunder, Human Torch, Thing, She-Hulk, and lots of team books with various members, but I’ll save that for another day.

Adam Ant & His Effect On People

I have been a fan of Adam Ant and Adam & The Ants since I first heard the music back in the early 80’s. Every album I could find I would listen to and loved them all.

When I had a very early boom box/ghetto blaster back around 1981, I was walking through my hometown’s downtown around the bus stops and Dog Eat Dog by Adam & The Ants came on. I loved the song and turned it up, this older (older than I was at the time, probably mid 30’s), black guy got really offended by the song, not the volume the song was playing, just the song. He told me to stop playing that jungle music and play something good, to which I just laughed at him and kept walking.

I’m glad that my wife is also a fan since she was younger and knows his songs, although a lot of her friends could never see the attraction of his music then or now.

Here is the offending video for you

Hello world!

I have been a DJ on and off since 1983 both in clubs and on the radio playing punk, alternative, rock, metal, new wave, celtic, industrial, and other genres. When I was on the radio, I had two shows, one playing punk from around the world and new wave, but not the overplayed songs, remixes, b-sides and rare songs.

I’m going to do reviews on here from all types of genres, because liking one style of music only, can get boring. Hope you have fun looking.