ADVENTURE: Best Friends: CD

Adventure - "Best Friends" cover art

ADVENTURE is a 3 piece pop punk band from Dayton, Ohio who have released their amazing debut album. From start to finish, one tight album with more energy than a kid hopped up on cereal watching Saturday morning cartoons.

A great collection of snotty punk rock with enough pop to keep it bouncing along with pep and vigor, but not going off into the dreaded BLINK 182 territory. The play tight, fast and with true energy and a sense of fun that you get a smile on your face as soon as you start listening and it continues right to the end of the album. The songs are long enough to fit in all the great punk rock goodness and leave you wanting more and not over staying their welcome.

A great album that will get your foot tapping and has enough sing along songs to keep you shouting the lyrics while listening for a long time. Nice production, just sloppy and messy enough to keep the punk rock and temper the pop.


Formed in Kentucky in 2010, this roots music oriented band has its beginnings in the various punk bands that the members used to play in. The band has gone beyond the borders of punk and found its niche in more introspective and quieter sounds that still retain the integrity and heartfelt emotion of their punk beginnings.

“Road Song” kicks things off with a very smooth sound and a plea that they will be home from the road and it all is played with emotion and a sense of yearning. The songs all have the sound of a band that has its heart on its sleeve and they are giving you their all. With the great lyrics and the tight musicianship, this is a great debut that will have you coming back for more. The songs aren’t party anthems, they are from the heart, and will get you thinking and the emotive playing will hit you hard.

With not one filler song on this album, the have started off on the right track and I can’t get enough of this album. They remind me a bit of BLUE RODEO, kind of country-tinged music that doesn’t have the twangy sound of country, but has the parts that don’t suck. A truly great album.


Paleface Destroyers cover artThis group from the Columbus / Dayton, Ohio area has been together since 2010 and has released their new EP on FM Records. This collection of songs is two guys making a glorious racket that will definitely get your head bobbing and get you reaching to turn up the volume.

These super short bursts of energetic noise is a cacophony of aural textures that will excite you and make you play it again and hear something new that is buried in the mix. The mix of industrial, punk and noise isn’t for everyone, but it sure made a hit with me. The songs really do come at you with the force of lightning and will knock you off of your feet.

Every song flows into the next and creates more power and just keeps getting better with each listen. Grab a copy, enjoy it and drive your neighbors crazy. Fantastic!

THE CLASSLESS: Self-titled: CD

the Classless - "Classless" cover art

First full length album from Indianapolis punk rockers THE CLASSLESS. Nine songs of punk rock that will get in your head and make you crazy.

“Fuck What Ya Heard” is a super fast and spirited song with great gang vocals and playing that made me just turn up the volume and get crazy while listening. “Falling Apart” has rough edged lead vocals mixed with gang vocals, great guitar playing, awesome drumming and throbbing bass and just kept the energy level at 1000. ” Saturday Night” has great woah-ohs, a thick sound and will get your fist up in the air and shouting along with them. “When It’s My Time” has great leads, lots of gang vocals and woah-ohs, and the bass and drums have the song racing with their conjoined power. These guys really play with a ferocious amount of enthusiasm and talent, have great songs and knocked my socks off. Great job on the production, everything is given space, the band is clear sounding and the muscular playing really makes the band stand out. “Sinner Street”, “Backdraft”, and “No Applause” were all high points for me.

This was a fantastic album from a band that I had never heard about and had no preconceptions of. It’s always a real treat when you get sent something and you just have to say, “Damn!” when you put it on. Go check them out, get their album and play it until you know all of the words.

RIDE A TIGER: …This Shit’s Stupid: CD

Ride A Tiger - "This Shit is Stupid" cover art

Recorded in 2012, this is the debut E.P. of five piece punk / hardcore band RIDE A TIGER from Dayton, Ohio. It features four originals and a bonus cover track recorded live.

“Hold Your Tongue and Say Pirate Ship” starts off the E.P. and has great rough edged vocals, crunchy guitar with great leads, thick bass and drums that bash away with abandon, all creating a glorious noise that has a ton of energy and anger. “Porkins Ain’t Coming Home From This One” is really heavy with a touch of metal adding to the hardcore, really gruff vocals shouted out and nice chugging guitar work with nice breakdowns and punishing drums. “Voldomorte is a Dick Because He Has No Nose” has enough energy to power your electricity for a week, such a cool track, “The Lady in Red” just keeps the destructive power of this group going and adds in some excellent gang vocals. The last track, “Sometimes” is recorded live and has a ton of energy and shows how good they would be to see in a club somewhere.

This had great production and playing all the way through and the amount of intensity that they played with was fantastic. It had the right amount of songs for a teaser, just enough to make you love them, and then be pissed off because you want more.

DANNY THOMPSON: It Came From Sloppy Seconds: CD

It Came From Sloppy Seconds! cover art

Danny Thompson was a major member of the punk band SLOPPY SECONDS and he recorded this album in 1996 as a solo effort after leaving the band. This fusion of rockabilly and punk covers has been passed around to friends and family, but never seen a real release until now!

We kick things off with “When Worlds Collide”, a punk charged rockabilly song that has incredible guitar playing and made for a very impressive start to the album with the power and inspired playing. “Ariva Derci Baby” Is another fast paced song that has a ton of energy and makes you want to get up and jump around. “Angie Baby” is a nice slow burner that just gets better as you listen to it and is definitely one of my favorites on here, such great playing and potency in the playing. “Forgive Me Father” has a tasty buzzsaw guitar with some nice licks thrown out, and spirited playing. This is such a well-played album that you wonder why this has not had an official release until now. The playing, the vocals and the song selection are stellar, and the clear production just gives it the sheen of a major release. “True Romance”, “Rockabilly Cool”, “Born To Lose”, “Clock On The Wall”, and “Getting Head From The Dead” were all stellar tracks, but you can’t go wrong with the others not mentioned either.

This really was a treat that I’m now going to put in the car and listen to it as much as possible. I was a fan of SLOPPY SECONDS and now that they’re gone, this is one of my new favorites that I will be forcing people to listen to as much as possible. For a good time, you need to get this album and play the hell out of it!

THE INVOLUNTARYS: I’d Rather Be A Faggot Than A Christian: CD

This is one really good punk album with goofy and even political lyrics like the title to the album, decrying the way the Christians knock down gay people and don’t want to give them any rights.

If some words offend you, then why do you listen to punk, because these guys need to get the idea of gays being crapped on out there. The album has a lot more depth than at first glance and it has great playing, with some awesome fast punk rock that just grabs you and starts to make you dance and jump around. They have a bit of a QUEERS feel to them, back when they were more punk than pop. The band has some nice buzz saw guitar work, bouncing bass, some hard-hitting drums and great vocals, that are clean and clear to hear the great lyrics, as well as the gang vocals that make you want to sing along with the band. This has a ton of melody and is catchy as hell, but is still some fast-moving music, that isn’t wimpy or limp at all, but has a lot of power and I still can’t believe how good the production is either, they left a bit of the grittiness on the songs to add to the serious lyrics that are mixed in with some goofy stuff.

This is totally recommended, go out and buy this one!