COMPLETE FAILURE: The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault: CD

This grind band has gone and made a fantastic, angry and heavy album that is full of more hardcore than just the typical grind fest that you usually hear.

The band has some intense drumming with tons of blast beats going on, the guitar is chunky and rages throughout the songs, the bass is heavy and pounds along, and the vocals are harsh, but clear enough to make out the very angry lyrics. The album is super fast and heavy with elements of sludge added like in the song “Drag Migrator” that creeps along and the heaviness drags you with it, same thing with the song “Hero Of The Church Herd” which goes from super slow, to blazing fast near the end, it’s also the longest song at over four minutes with most two and a half minutes or shorter.

This is one tight and well produced album with aggression to spare, pick it up and lose your mind to it.