FLEXX BRONCO: Volume. 3: Vinyl













San Francisco’s punk n’ rollers return with album number three, Volume.3. Twelve new tracks that they’ve bashed out so you can bash around the room while listening.

From the instrumental opener “Mors Non Separabit,” through the excellent “Blondetourage,” the band hits you hard and wants you to commit to them, just as they are committed to giving us a kick in the pants. “”Deadman (2015)” is a hard-hitting song that makes you want to get up and shake your ass. “Heart on the Floor (Original),” is a cool ’50s sounding track that fits into this album of heaviness with its slight change of pace. “Big Sky Fire” and the stomping track “Vallejo” are a couple of tight and blasting songs. The reprise of “Heart on the Floor” forgoes the ’50s sound of the original for a full-on blast of punk. The band just keeps the amazing tracks going and you keep getting drawn into their whirlwind of sound.

A great return from a band that just gets better as they go along. An album to be played over and over again, until your neighbors know the words too.





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