SAVAGE: 7/Live ‘N’ Lethal: Download












Since their formation, they have released classic and solid demos and singles, as well as seven full length albums. The first disc here is a new studio record fittingly called 7 and the second disc, Live ‘n’ Lethal, is a live album containing all songs from their debut album Loose ‘n’ Lethal as well as a few tracks from Sons Of Malice, Xtreme Machine and Hyperactive.

“I Am The Law” sets the wheels in motion making the driving rocker a perfect start to the record and gets the fists pumping immediately. “Lock n’ Load” is a total riff fest, and you can just rock out to the inspired solos. The band slows things down a notch for “Empire Of Hate,”then they ramp things up again with thick groove of “Super Spy.” The aggressive metal of “Speed Freak” keeps things going nice and heavy. The acoustic ballad “The Road To Avalon (Sins of the Fathers)” slows things down a bit.  The band gears up for the album’s final stretch with the awesome “Payback’s A Bitch,” then they keep on going with the last two killers, “Shake The Tree,” and “Heads Will Roll.” Don’t stop there, you get a whole album of devastating live tracks that will keep you listening long after mediocre bands give only one album. The live album will make you jealous of people that get to see them live because I’m jealous.

A definite keeper that will please the new and the older fans and will keep you coming back for more. Play often and play loud.

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