JOWLS: Cursed E.P.: 10″

Cursed cover art

This band from Grand Rapids, MI takes elements of screamo, punk, and post hardcore and mixes it up on this E.P.

The vocals are close to screamo with their throat shredding howls, but at times it veers out of it and gets a bit more hardcore sounding. The guitars are blistering with the leads jumping out at you, the bass hitting nice and heavy and the pummeling of the drums just add to the devastation that this band produces in just over fifteen minutes. Every song has power, emotion and energy that will captivate your ears and draw you into their world of anger and pain. Add into this the excellent songwriting with the superb playing and you have a mighty fine E.P.

These guys are going to be huge if the get the right breaks if these songs are any indication of their talent. Their drive and ambition alone should have them conquering stages wherever they go.

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