SAVE ENDS: Warm Hearts, Cold Hands: LP

Warm Hearts, Cold Hands cover art

The Boston, MA five-piece band’s debut album has ten songs that will get in your head and grow until there is room for nothing except this album. The shared male and female vocals are such a treat on give the album nuances that are a pleasure to listen to.

This mix of pop punk and indie is a pleasure to hear from when the needle hits the vinyl right up until the last note has faded. The band plays their hearts out, and the vocals just grab you and sweep you off of your feet and take you on an exciting trip away from your troubles. This is the kind of album that when you’re listening to it, you can’t help break into a smile and feel good. This would fit perfectly into the scene of the mid ’90s, but don’t think of this as a retro album, no, it’s an album of energy and power that hits your soul and brings happiness into your day, kind of like a reminder of when things were easier or not so hectic before. The songs shimmer and they just make you want to listen to them over and over again.

This is the kind of band that I would drag everyone that I know to see live, and make them buy merch from them. This band deserves your attention and you need to do what you can to show them love.


Light On The Lake cover art

These guys from Cleveland, OH play a mix of punk, pop punk, and post hardcore that blends together very well. We have twelve songs that showcase the emotive vocals and energetic playing of people who really enjoy what they are doing and it shows so well on this album.

The pacing of the album gives you the ragers and the softer moments to give you a break, the sharp hooks come at you one after another, and the high level of musicianship gives this album a head up over other bands who struggle through their own albums. The vocals have a nice range of being smooth to becoming louder and more manic, the bass playing is a highlight, especially on “The Desert To Denver” which is a favorite of mine, the drumming is devastating and the guitar playing really shines as well.

This is an album that will shake up your expectations and worm its way into your head after one listen. This is one terrific album that just gets better the more that you listen to it.

JOWLS: Cursed E.P.: 10″

Cursed cover art

This band from Grand Rapids, MI takes elements of screamo, punk, and post hardcore and mixes it up on this E.P.

The vocals are close to screamo with their throat shredding howls, but at times it veers out of it and gets a bit more hardcore sounding. The guitars are blistering with the leads jumping out at you, the bass hitting nice and heavy and the pummeling of the drums just add to the devastation that this band produces in just over fifteen minutes. Every song has power, emotion and energy that will captivate your ears and draw you into their world of anger and pain. Add into this the excellent songwriting with the superb playing and you have a mighty fine E.P.

These guys are going to be huge if the get the right breaks if these songs are any indication of their talent. Their drive and ambition alone should have them conquering stages wherever they go.

RUN, FOREVER: Settling: LP

Settling cover art

Some very earnest and heartfelt indie pop with a little bit of punk mixed in from RUN, FOREVER on this very short album.

You get ten songs in just over twenty-six minutes so you know that they aren’t going to mess around when it comes to this album. Most of the songs are very big sounding, very much room filling anthems that would sound great in a live setting. There are a few acoustic songs on here that show a different side to this band, the song “Braddock Beach” has a great feel to it, you just start getting hypnotized by the vocal and the acoustic guitar. Some other stand out tracks were “Good Enough,” “Settling,” “Postcards” and “Braddock Beach”.

These guys have done a great job on this release, being able to show their more emotional, sensitive side and mixing it up with some great fast songs. This is a very ambitious album that a lot of bands couldn’t pull off, bit RUN, FOREVER have done it and very well I might add.