Into the Fire cover art

From Coimbra, Portugal, and started in 2011, DESTROYERS OF ALL have released their debut E.P. independently. These six songs of intense death / thrash metal will kick your ass.

The songs incorporate a few other styles that mesh really well, groove metal, hard rock, progressive, and power metal all come together to create a powerful release. With the exception of the intro and outro tracks, the band have managed to create fairly long song with each of the four main songs  between almost four and seven minutes long which gives the band a chance to go through all sorts of different styles. Vocals are mostly death / thrash metal style screaming and growling along with some clean singing at times, the drumming ranges from slow / mid-paced to fast with blast beats being added at times, the bass playing is very strong and powerful, the guitar playing ranges from slow / mid-paced to fast playing that combines thrash, death metal, black metal, prog and hard rock influences together to create melody that you wouldn’t think would be there. Lots of great riffing as well as some great solos and rhythm guitar playing.

This band has gotten off to a great start with the power and intensity that they have managed to create on just four heavy tracks. The intro and outro are very cool, but it just made me want to hear more of the metal, not the instrumental tracks. If they keep on going like this, you will be hearing a lot more from DESTROYERS OF ALL.

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