THE SENSIBLES: Self-titled: 7″

s/t - 7" - 2012 cover art

From Milan, Italy, THE SENSIBLES have a terrific power-pop punch that has just the right amount of punk to give it a little bit of an edge.The self-titled EP was released by the band itself in just a short run of 300 copies, so you had better get a copy…if you still can that is.

The thing that really strikes me about this single is the crisp production that they have which makes the songs jump out at you and give you the full power of the band. The guitar playing is tight, with great riffs and solos, the bass and drums mesh together perfectly, giving you the feeling that you want to get up and dance around, and the sweet, but biting vocals from Stella remind me a bit of Clare Grogan from ALTERED IMAGES. The songs are catchy and real standouts that I loved to hear over and over again.

This band needs your support, just listen to how good they are, you need to go out and buy this and everything else from them so maybe they will come tour near me and I can sing along to these songs live. This is a keeper!

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