THE FREAKOUTS: Self-titled: 7″

This quintet from Houston, TX sure has a visual style that grabs you right from the start with two women who won’t take your shit and will kick you in the nuts if you try to give them any of your it. The band consists of Ash Kay on lead vocals, Porter and Steven on guitars, Meg on bass and vocals and Eddie on drums.

This two song single has punk, power pop, and early new wave styled songs that are hook-laden and get you dancing and singing along with them after the first listen. The sharp edges mixed with the poppier playing combine to make this one fun-filled ride that you want to keep going longer than two songs. They have a mix of THE RUNAWAYS, AND THE DONNAS, plus their own touches that create a sound that gets a smile on your face and a bounce in your step as soon as you first listen to them. Both songs are great with “Somebody New,” being a bit more on the pop side than the grittier “Care Less”. The band plays just sloppy enough to give it that edge I mentioned earlier and with a ton of energy and conviction.

This was a terrific single that you need to go out and buy and play a ton of times. The more I play it, the more I love it and I need to get all of their music in my collection…damn talented band!

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