5 TIMES OVER: Trapped: CD

This quintet from Spokane, WA has been around since August 5, 2011 and they’ve put out a five song EP with original vocalist Kendall Hurley who has been replaced by Kayla Snider. The other members are Jacob Rogers on guitar and vocals, Jake Lee on guitar, Christopher Warren on bass guitar and Joshua James on drums.

This hard rock band plays with a lot of emotion and shows a lot of talent with heavy riffs, tight leads, thick bass, powerful drumming, lots of hooks, and the very able and strong vocals from Hurley. Her vocals have a bit of an ALANIS MORISSETTE sound to them, but keep on the right side of still being her own. The band show a great amount of talent in performing songs that get stuck in your head and have the power to get you banging your head as the hooks grab you and won’t let go. The guitar playing was a definite treat, with the right amount of flash and no wanking that gets in the way of the terrific songs and the playing of the rest of the band. I really liked “Tool,” “Time Machine” with its ’80s hard rock sound, and “No Lies” a lot, but the other two songs were just as strong, these three just got the edge by a hair.

With the great clean production on this EP and the talent that this very young has, they should go far. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for them with Snider singing and wish vocalist Hurley well in her new endeavors and hope that this band can keep up the high standard that they created on this EP, because now I’m “Trapped” as a fan.

https://www.facebook.com/5timesover?ref=ts&fref=ts  http://5timesover.com/home

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