POST SEASON: Restless Nights: 7″

Restless Nights cover art

POST SEASON hails from Altoona, PA and is made up of Dan Tippery on lead vocals, Shawn Dearmitt on lead guitar and backing vocals , Jake Langley on rhythm guitar, and Chris Wills on bass. They released a first single entitled “To Infinity & Beyond” and the new 7″ will be hand numbered, on two limited colors, and include a digital download.

This pop punk band kicks off their second single with “Accidental Damage From Handling,” a peppy song with great lead vocals that are strong and full of passion, driving drums that mix with the bass very tightly, and melodic guitar playing. “Ducks Fly Together” has a great sound with the band having so much melody and texture from the slower and quieter parts mixed with the faster punk, and “To Infinity And Beyond” is a very anthemic sounding track that grabbed me and made me play it again because it was such a well-played song with emotion flowing from it and great lyrics.

The three songs were great with a ton of hooks and the playing was tight and crystal clear from the excellent production job. This is the kind of single that I love and hate, love because I got to hear a great band with so much talent that makes it bad because now I want to hear more and I only have three songs. Check these guys out and beg and bother then to get an album out soon.


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