ANVIL: Hope In Hell: CD

Having been around since 1978 as LIPS, they released their first album independently under that name, but changed it after signing to Attic Records to avoid confusion with disco act LIPPS, INC. The debut album was then re-released under the new name and they have a tradition of giving all of their albums alliterated three-word titles. They put out the fantastic documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil back in 2008 and have been an influence to countless bands, but never getting the recognition that they deserved.

Here we have their newest album, number fifteen, just counting studio albums, and it should keep the momentum going and features new bassist Sal Italiano, who joined the group a year ago. The album begins with the title track, a heavy and slower-paced metal track that has that great lips vocal with a shout along chorus, blistering guitar solo, throbbing bass, and thundering drums, a great start. “Eat Your Words” is more in the thrash genre and succeeds in making you want to stage dive and mosh. “Through With You” has cowbell slick guitar playing, a great early ’80s metal sound and kind of reminds me of ALICE COOPER a bit. “The Fight Is Never Won” has a great solo that makes you want to get your old air guitar out and play along to, “Flying” has driving drums, a chorus that gets stuck in your head and tasty guitar playing, and “Call Of Duty” is a song that METALLICA would kill for, gruff vocals, some of the best guitar playing on the album, and even though it’s not a fast song, it has more intensity than anything on the last few METALLICA albums. “Badass Rock N Roll” is a highlight on the album and would fit perfectly on their early ’80s albums and would be an excellent song to hear on the radio cranked up while driving on a nice warm day. Catchy chorus, riffing like no tomorrow, and the band playing super tight…fantastic! “Shut The Fuck Up” has no chance of radio play, but who cares, it’s a biting and pounding song that cries out to be turned up to eleven and sung along to, another classic song that will be a treat to hear live. “Hard Wired” is another barn burner of a track that really just kicks ass with the fun that you can hear from these guys playing.

ANVIL should be mighty proud of an album that stands up with their classic music and should get people out to see them live. It’s great to hear them playing their hearts out, not glossed over or chasing a style of music that would just sound ridiculous, they’re playing metal the way it should be played…with love.

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