FAMOUS LAST WORDS: Two-Faced Charade: CD

The debut full-length album by Petoskey, Michigan’s FAMOUS LAST WORDS is a hard-hitting collection of hardcore / screamo songs that jump out of the speakers and grab you by your face. These twelve songs from JT on vocals, Ethan Osborn on lead guitar, Craig Simons on drums, Tyler Myklebust on guitar, and Jesse Maddy on bass really are catchy and played with energy to spare.

JT has the growls, screams and melody that fill the anthemic choruses with life, Osborn shreds and throws in a few flashy solos, Simons’ drumming and Maddy’s bass playing keep a rhythmic beat that propels the songs forward and Myklebust adds melody and extra power to the songs with his inspired guitar playing. The production was clean and clear, but not in any way did it dull or smooth over the power and energy that was put forward by these guys, they shine with the spotless production. The songs that stood out to me were opener “Welcome To The Show”, “The Relentless”, “Lust of the Lost”, “Legends and Legacies”, and “Searching For A Home”. Not to slight the other songs at all, but these were the ones that just won by a minute edge over the rest of the songs. I really also liked the fact that these guys could go from playing full-on hard and heavy, then pull back and throw in some mellow and delicate sounds in the songs, as well as the interesting song “In Perfect Hindsight” with the synthesizer, and distorted vocals giving the song a cool ambient techno sound.

I’m not usually the biggest fan of screamo, that’s why I’m glad that the hardcore was a huge part of FAMOUS LAST WORDS sound. The band made a debut album that stands out from the mediocrity of other bands in the screamo genre and will be even more powerful and exciting to hear in a live venue.

https://www.facebook.com/famouslastwordsmusic  https://www.facebook.com/invoguerecords            http://www.invoguerecords.com/


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