File:JBatGSoM - WPatDD.jpgHere comes Jello with a batch of political punk rock that only he can do so well. He uses his anger to point out the bullshit that he witnesses around him with humor and venom, but it’s always entertaining and thought-provoking, and provoking is what he’s been doing in one form or another since he was singing in the DEAD KENNEDYS.

“The Brown Lipstick Parade” starts off the album with a mixture of DEAD KENNEDYS sounding punk mixed with some FRANK ZAPPA weird-outs that made for a great opener. “John Dillinger” is a great fast-paced punk song that has a tasty groove that gets both your ass shaking and your slam dancing party started with the smooth groove, the manic punk rock and catchy chorus. “Werewolves of Wall Street” has buzzing guitar playing, a manic pace, and bouncing bass and explosive drumming, “Road Rage” brings back the crazed playing and intensity of the DEAD KENNEDYS hardcore EP In God We Trust, Inc. with the same anger and venom that would fit perfectly on it, and the same thing with “Mid-East Peace Process”. “Hollywood Goof Disease” had a bit of the guitar sound of his cover of “Rawhide” mixed with some biting punk rock. “White People and the Damage Done” takes the piss out of how the white politicians in ‘Merica have fucked up things in the past and still keep doing it. “Crapture” keeps the idea of stupid politicians and christians destroying the world for their own gain going. “Burgers Of Wrath” has a cow punk sound lamenting the ruin of the working class and the devastating downfall that has happened and continues to affect people. “Shock-U-Py” is one long ass track, seven and a half minutes long that talks about protesting and things that got accomplished and that people are trying to accomplish by occupying places and trying to change things for what they believe in. The album ends with four remixes that you can make your mind up about, they were interesting takes on four songs from the album, but not essential.

With a lot of backward glances at his old band, Jello created an album that holds its own with his better albums and will make fans happy. I know that this will be a great purchase for your music collection because really…there is always room for Jello!

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