MOTHERSHIP: Self-titled: CD

This three-piece band from Dallas, Texas play some nice 1970s hard rock with some blues and southern rock mixed in to create an album that sounds familiar, yet fresh and exciting as well.

The album starts off with the instrumental song “Hallucination” that gives you a great warm up for the rest of the album. Its slower pace then changing into a faster song, then back into the slower pace again really shows how well the band can play. The vocals on the album are gritty, but not in such a way that it makes the songs get into the scum rock territory that a lot of bands playing this style of music are, but it adds to the songs. This three-piece are really great players too, they have some galloping drums going on as well as more subtle drumming, great guitar playing, with some great leads that will have you air guitaring like crazy, and the bass adds great depth to the songs. I really liked all of the songs on this album, but the premier song would have to be the longest one, at over eight minutes long, “Lunar Master” is the one that I love the most. With the galloping drums, great guitar and bass on here, plus the way it goes from hard and fast to a quiet song with some technical and great playing to a bit of a freak out, it is fantastic.

This is definitely one to go out and get.

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