LIFELESS: Godconstruct: CD

This sophomore release from LIFELESS has taken five years to come out and it has been worth the wait.

This is a very melodic death metal album with the blast beats from drummer Daniel Lerose, blazing guitar leads from Jan, pounding bass from Daniel Wien and guttural vocals from vocalist/guitarist Marc Niederhagemann, but they have catchiness about their songs and the vocals are really well done, you can actually understand a lot of them. There are two instrumental songs on here, “Praeludium: Endzeit” and “Interludium: Zeitenwende” which show that they can do a great job with the slower, more peaceful songs, as well as rage hard on the others like “Towards Damnation”, “Reconquering The Soul” and “Blindead” are nice and aggressive. Guitarist Jan really is a great player, with so many great bits of guitar work all over this album, he truly made this stand out with his going from all out shredding to the more technical licks thrown in.

These guys really put a ton of work into making this album really stand out from the crowded death metal field and it really is a killer of an album.

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