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DAVID BOWIE is back with his first album of new material since 2003’s Reality album and according to what he is saying, he will not be touring it, but there may be a show here and there. It’s great to have BOWIE back, even if this is the worst idea for a cover of an album that I have seen in a long time. He said that the obscuring of the photograph connotes “forgetting or obliterating the past”, or a lazy idea in my opinion.

After working in secret with producer Tony Visconti in New York for two years, we finally get to hear the results of their time together on this album, and we were treated with the first single “Where Are We Now?”, a slow, introspective song that didn’t grab me at all. The song just never seemed to get off the ground for me and never made any impression on me, but that song was not indicative of the rest of the album, thankfully. First song “The Next Day” brings us back to the days when BOWIE was doing catchy rock music with a quick pace, add in some strings and you have a great opener to the album. “Dirty Boys” has a seductive slow-burning groove with the return of saxophone to rock music, not just for bad ska bands kids. New single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” with BOWIE on acoustic guitar has fantastic guitar work, strings and a groove that sticks with you. There are touches of his work in the 1980s, like  the guitar in “Love Is Lost”, and “Dancing Out In Space” could have been on his album Tonight. “Boss Of Me” has some vocal intonations that brought a hint of John Lennon out and the song with the saxophone and the forceful guitar and drums had a vibe of late 1970s rock. The album ends off with two slower paced songs, “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die” and “Heat” that have a lot of atmosphere and emotion. The musicians on here do an excellent job of bringing BOWIE’s ideas to life with Gerry Leonard, David Torn and Earl Slick all playing fantastic guitar, Zachary Alford, and Sterling Campbell both drumming with power and feeling, and Tony Levin and Gail Ann Dorsey bringing the bass to the front and giving the album the right amount of depth. Not to mention all of the other musicians added so much texture to the return of DAVID BOWIE and a return to great albums after being lost during the 1990s with the horribly dated industrial dabbling on his albums from that time frame.

BOWIE is back and with all of the mediocre music made by acts from his era, I salute you sir, and thank you for giving us an album that can be played over and over again with the high quality that you put on here.

http://www.davidbowie.com/   https://www.facebook.com/davidbowie   http://columbiarecords.com/

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