BURNS LIKE FIRE: To The Ground: Download

BURNS LIKE FIRE is a punk rock band from Athens, Georgia, who have released an EP and a full-length prior to the release of this new EP. They play punk rock with gravelly vocals, melodically ringing guitars, killer bass and smashing drums.

The playing is a bit sloppy and the songs have some memorable hooks and luckily this isn’t that fabricated radio friendly punk rock that the kids think rocks, but doesn’t, so thumbs up for the real deal on display here. This sort of gravelly vocals and raw, rough-around-the-edges guitar melodies are exactly up my alley and the dirty production suits the songs perfectly. It gives everything an extra edge of grit and realism that pushes this into the great pile. “Jean Shorts” finds lead vocalist Web Couch in full-on throat-shredder mode, and “Abandon Ship” has wiry leads that give it a nice edge. The other songs all kick formidable ass as well.

A great taster from these guys and now I’m going to have to hunt down their previous releases…kick-ass!

https://www.facebook.com/burnslikefiremusic  http://www.burnslikefiremusic.com/

https://www.facebook.com/autumnandcolour  http://www.autumnandcolour.com/

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