BRAIDED VEINS: Future/Forever: 12″


Future/Forever cover art


The debut EP from Flint, MI’s BRAIDED VEINS featuring members of EMPTY ORCHESTRA, THE SWELLERS, KID BROTHER COLLECTIVE, THE CONQUEROR WORM and more. Seven tight, blistering songs that grab you by the throat and hammer you into submission with the devastating sound that comes ripping out of your speakers. EPs never last long, but this one seems to be over far too quickly. From the moment you start listening, the energy levels hit the roof without dropping for a second. The pounding drums, the wicked riffs, the pounding bass and the shouted vocals are all working together with the well written songs to create an EP that begs for a whole album to be delivered. “Watch Carefully” and its follow-up “How Did You Imagine the End?” are down-to-business post-hardcore rockers, “The Future Lasts Forever” is a short burst of pure energy, “The Nature of the Cruise Century” has a garage punk feel to it, “Some Fundamental Questions on the Nature of Being” and “On the Limits of Tomorrow” keep the high energy going and “To Whomever Finds This Document:” ends the album on a high note.

Get this one and tell them to get going on a full length album soon.

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