Formed in Kentucky in 2010, this roots music oriented band has its beginnings in the various punk bands that the members used to play in. The band has gone beyond the borders of punk and found its niche in more introspective and quieter sounds that still retain the integrity and heartfelt emotion of their punk beginnings.

“Road Song” kicks things off with a very smooth sound and a plea that they will be home from the road and it all is played with emotion and a sense of yearning. The songs all have the sound of a band that has its heart on its sleeve and they are giving you their all. With the great lyrics and the tight musicianship, this is a great debut that will have you coming back for more. The songs aren’t party anthems, they are from the heart, and will get you thinking and the emotive playing will hit you hard.

With not one filler song on this album, the have started off on the right track and I can’t get enough of this album. They remind me a bit of BLUE RODEO, kind of country-tinged music that doesn’t have the twangy sound of country, but has the parts that don’t suck. A truly great album.

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