ADVENTURE: Best Friends: CD

Adventure - "Best Friends" cover art

ADVENTURE is a 3 piece pop punk band from Dayton, Ohio who have released their amazing debut album. From start to finish, one tight album with more energy than a kid hopped up on cereal watching Saturday morning cartoons.

A great collection of snotty punk rock with enough pop to keep it bouncing along with pep and vigor, but not going off into the dreaded BLINK 182 territory. The play tight, fast and with true energy and a sense of fun that you get a smile on your face as soon as you start listening and it continues right to the end of the album. The songs are long enough to fit in all the great punk rock goodness and leave you wanting more and not over staying their welcome.

A great album that will get your foot tapping and has enough sing along songs to keep you shouting the lyrics while listening for a long time. Nice production, just sloppy and messy enough to keep the punk rock and temper the pop.

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