Now & Never is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band PLATINUM BLONDE and their first album of new material since 1990. The band now consists of two original members, Mark Holmes on vocals, Sergio Galli on guitar, and newcomers Rob Laidlaw on bass and Dan Todd on drums.

First song “Valentine” starts off with a sound not too far removed from their first album, with the sound of Galli’s guitar playing giving us that taste and of course Holmes voice that hasn’t aged one bit. The chorus is going to get stuck in your head and this song will definitely please fans of their older music. First single “Beautiful” has the sound of being played in the large venues that PLATINUM BLONDE played back in their heyday with the expansiveness of the song. It’s a kind of cross between the second PLATINUM BLONDE album and something from HONEYMOON SUITE which isn’t surprising since bassist Laidlaw played with them. “Satellite” brings to mind the song “Hungry Eyes” from their album Alien Shores, “From Here” is a very relaxing slow song which has some inspired guitar playing and heartfelt singing from Holmes. The band really did a great job on the production with everything sounding big and full and large enough to fill the arenas of the world. The playing from drummer Todd is very precise and driving, bassist Laidlaw gets a groove going and melds perfectly with the drums, Galli’s guitar playing goes off into the atmosphere when he really gets into the song and Holmes has progressed as a singer and shows more depth and emotion than ever before. Some other highlights for me were, “Garden”, and “Independence Day”.

This was a very cool restart for the band and a continuation of their first two albums which are arguably, their best. They seem to have made something that will both appeal to their old fans as well as bringing in some new ones. Whether or not they can achieve the heights of their previous glories is something that the public will express, but PLATINUM BLONDE sure have done a fine job to give people that choice.

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