SOCIETY’S ILLS: Self-titled: CD

Society's Ills full length cover art

Formed in 2006, SOCIETY’S ILLS from Montreal, Quebec have released their debut full length album that is fourteen tracks of short bursts of hardcore laced punk rock.

Opening with “State”, the pace of the album is firmly set with its raging guitar, pounding rhythm from the bass and drums, and enough woah-ohs to get you singing along right away. “Kingdom of Bliss” manages to have even more of a frenetic pace that just races throughout the track, and “No Man” has a great beginning with the drums, guitar and bass all coming together for a melodic song that has a ton of energy. “Lost & Found” takes things up a few notches in speed, becoming a blazing hardcore song that makes you want to slam dance and the bass stands out exceptionally well on this song, as well as having great lyrics. The Naj on vocals has a nice rough sounding voice that grows on you more and more as you listen to the album, Skid Marc on bass has a nice thick and bouncy style that just gets you moving along with drummer Brent Over’s tight and breakneck playing, and guitarist Danarky’s raging guitar playing all combine to create some kick ass punk rock. Other songs that were on replay, “Thanks”, about the bands that have influenced them, “Tequila Shots”, “Bitter Logic”, “Perpetual Motion”, “Another Day”, “City”, and “Too Late”. There is an unlisted bonus track at the end that has some fantastic bass guitar playing on it, some incredible guitar and drumming that will leave you breathless on this hyper fast hardcore song.

Overall, this is a really good release with catchy songs, a band that has a ton of talent, pretty good lyrics which have some substance to them, and should garner SOCIETY’S ILLS a lot more publicity and fans than they previously had. I know that this will be one of those albums that will get a lot of play around my house.

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