This Austin, Texas band has Dustin Stroud from RIDDLIN’ KIDS on guitar and vocals, Ray Ray on guitar, Benjie on drums and TJ on bass and they play a mix of punk, rock and alternative that meshes together for a mix that will get you out of your seat and get the butt shaking.

They kick things off with Genevieve and the power that they blast at you is impressive, the song is catchy and will get stuck in your head, the hard-hitting drums propel this song forward at a nice clip, the thumping bass adds fullness, the guitar playing is really handled well with lots of speed and tasty licks, and Stroud’s vocals are full of strength that has a bit of edge to them. “Stay Awake” is a lot heavier with more of the rock and alternative, but still enough punk to get you rocking out and wanting to slam, “Oh Gloria” has a fast punk sound mixed with a bit of street punk that really grabbed me and has great edgy guitar playing, and “Hands Held to The Sky” is quite a bombastic song with a full wall of sound and great background vocals. SAY HELLO TO THE ANGELS have a very nondescript picture on the cover of their album that didn’t give me any indication of the fantastic sounds that were going to be emanating from my speakers. They play their hearts out and Stroud and Ray Ray just blaze on the guitar, with lots of leads that will stick in your head, bassist TJ has some thick and tuneful bass playing, Benjie’s drumming has a lot of power without becoming bombastic, and Stroud’s vocals really have a nice raspiness to them, but still are clear and full of energy that you just can’t help but loving them. A few other songs that stuck with me were, “Blackened Eyes”, “Back And Forth”, and “Empty Caskets”.

A really tight sounding release with great, clear production that gives you the chance to hear everything really well and all of the band members are clearly heard without anyones playing getting buried. This is one release that easily made me “Stay Awake” the whole way through and there are no tracks that you will want to skip over, but play this one all the way through and lots of times.

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