BUST A MOVE: There’s No Place Like Home: CD

On this five piece German band’s debut album, there are eleven death core songs that go by in a quick pace.

The album starts with my dreaded instrumental intro song which drives me crazy because everyone does that now, but it is a very short song and then the evil starts. The first song, “Contaminated” has machine gun drumming from Dominik, melodic guitar riffs and a breakdown that can make your ears bleed. “Catharsis Of The Damned” has a  mix of unbridled power and aggression, and album closer “The Apocalypse” is nothing short of immense, that leaves you breathless before fading away with a piano outro. You get some brutal death metal mixed with some hardcore styling on here and the brutality doesn’t stop. The band has some nice breakdowns and drumming, the vocals by Marc are growly, but don’t get into the cookie monster, unintelligible range. The band really know how to play and add a lot of feeling to the album with some more mellow pieces mixed in, but it doesn’t take away from the heaviness of the album. The production and mixing of this album really work in the band’s favor, lot of depth and heaviness mixed with room to hear the band’s breakdowns clearly and heavy bass from Lasse, and the awesome guitar playing by Dimi and Phil.

You can’t ask for a better death core album than this, it has it all, heavy, thrashy, angry and done well. 

http://www.facebook.com/bustamoveband  http://www.facebook.com/Bastardizedrec?group_id=0  http://www.bastardized.net/

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