BLYND: Punishment Unfolds: CD

The island of Cyprus is not on the usual metal radar, but that may change with the release of BLYND’s ten song sophomore album.

This four piece band plays a mixture of thrash and death metal, and do a damn good job at it too. You get the chugging sound of the Dino and George both on guitars, mixed with some tasty leads, powerful drumming by Alex, and some growling vocals by Andreas who also handles bass guitar, done with a good job of mixing and production work. The album starts off with the instrumental intro “Divine Gathering”, and they do a good job with it, but I am so sick and tired of bands starting their albums like this, it was different at one time, but now almost everyone does it and bands need to stop it! “Arrival of the Gods” with its powerful modern thrash sound, along with coherent death vocals, and “The Chosen Few” is a melodic track, but also heavy and keeping the  in-your-face attitude of the album.

These four guys hit you with some heavy riffing and pounding drums and the only part that really is death metal, is the vocals, so you get a fast paced thrash album mostly. I really liked the album and I think that if these guys can get on some big tickets and have more people hear them, they will get really popular.

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