This is their first full length album release from CHARIOTS OF THE GODS who have been around since 2007 and have released an EP and some tracks for compilations previously. This is an independent release from this Canadian band from the Ottawa-Gatineau area playing as they call it, “Melodic Death-Thrash with nuances of metalcore” and they’re not wrong, good call!

They start the album with “Overture” an instrumental that has a lot of atmosphere and slowly builds and builds adding more instruments and vocals then explodes into “Seventh Weapon” which grabs your face and shoves you into the wall, nice and heavy, machine gun drumming, crushing bass, guitars that let the leads fly everywhere, and some gruff vocals, great start to the album. There are just so many awesome songs on here, just hit play and you will find some crushing metal that will blow you away. There are two interludes on here, “Snow Falls On The White River” and “Nebula” to let you relax and try to catch your breath as well as let Rich O’Neil on drums have a break since he goes almost a thousand miles an hour on most of the album. Payam Doryani on bass and backup vocals does a great job with the crushing bass, but the true stars are Mathieu St-Amour and Dimitri Gervais, both on guitar and backup vocals who play some incredible technical guitar with power and proficiency throughout the entire album. They will make you get out your tennis racket and start playing air guitar and challenge your buddies to contests to see who plays better. These two guitarists will have you amazed at the talent that they have with the speed and the finesse that they throw heavy and catchy leads out at you. Vocalist Renaud Jobin has a great gruff and heavy range, add in the background vocals and dual vocals on here and you have a range of styles that will grab your ears.

This has to be one of the albums where you put it on, start banging your head and realize that eleven isn’t loud enough, as the band’s promo sheet said, “The band’s debut full length is set to storm the metal scene until there is nothing left, except Pure. Heavy. Fuckin’. Metal.”. That pretty much sums this release up.

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