ADRENECHROME: Hideous Appetites: CD

Hideous Appetite cover art

This independent band from Orillia, Ontario Canada put out this seven song EP of thrash, heavy metal, and crossover with some progressive and technical metal all mashed together. You would think that with all of those styles, that this would be a mess, thankfully they do one hell of a job in pulling it off.

The first song “Titan’s Fall” fits those styles together perfectly and it’s one great start to an album of more depth than you would typically hear from bands playing this kind of music. There is the technical and heavy guitar playing mixed with a bit of prog, bass hammering away, drumming that is fast and bouncy as well as heavy, and the gang vocals mixed with vocalist and guitar player Chris Friesen are great. As a Canadian transplant, I really liked the take off on the Canadian national anthem with the lyric, “We stand on guard, but not for thee”, classic! Tim Kehoe on guitar and Friesen really take the guitar playing seriously and show their technical skills and they do a fantastic job mixing melodic elements into their sound as well which made the well written songs stay stuck in your head after the album ended. The heavy bass throughout the album gives the band’s music a nice groove, something that thrash bands usually don’t do at all. “Winds Of The Void” shows of the proficiency and prog influences really well, it was a slower song with a lot of ambience added to the song, but still heavy, then you get “Locust Wings” which continues the heavy music mixed with even more prog influences.

This is an album that was more than just a thrash metal album, with the skill that ADRENECHROME have and the ability to blend genres together, this is an album that will please different types of metal fans and should be in your collection. For a band that’s been around only since 2010, these guys are the real deal.

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