FINAL TRIGGER: Skrap Metal Vol. II: CD

After releasing their debut album in 2009, this Toronto, Ontario band, creators of what they call Skrap-Metal, combining high-energy metal with a hip-hop feel, come back to release their new album. Their newest release is seven hard-hitting songs that definitely have a strong groove and the heaviness of metal.

This album is one killer song after another with shouted vocals, terrific guitar playing, thundering drums, rumbling bass, cool DJ effects and a ton of hooks to keep you replaying this over and over again. The band is out to rock your ass off and succeeds with getting your head banging, and getting you up and dancing around. The rapping isn’t on every track and the DJ scratching isn’t obvious all of the time, but they do give the songs a little different feel, kind of how the dreaded nu metal and rap metal tried, but failed so well at combining it with heavy metal, these guys get it right. The songs that stuck out for me were “Face It”, “Knock Somebody Out”, and “Just A Freak”.

Take a listen to their mix of genres and see if it’s your thing, I liked it, but if you are a metal purist, it may be a little much for you. Just throw it on at a party, let the drinks and any other substances that you’re enjoying take over and let the grooves hit you.

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