This four-piece from Toronto, Ontario hard rock band have released their six song debut EP. They formed in the fall of 2010 and are currently working on new material for a potential full length album.

They start with “Again And Again”, a song that mixes the clean, melodic vocals with growling vocals, lots of riffing, nice solo, and a drummer that is pounding the hell out of his kit. A very catchy and memorable opening song. “Better Than You” is more in a traditional hard rock / metal song than the first which had some thrash mixed in. This would sound great blasting out of a radio, that is if radio actually played decent music anymore. Lots of riffing, melody and another great solo makes this a definite standout. “Two Years Too Long” is an epic track going from melodic rock to metal and tempo changes. Lots of riffing and a really cool feel to the track make for a very intense track. “Little Angel” has a great melodic rock sound that gets stuck in your head and was another song that got numerous plays in my house. “Blinded” goes from a chugging metal track to a more melodic rock sound on the chorus and works really well. “Laugh The Day Away” is a very nice mellow, acoustic song that ends things off perfectly.

Only six songs and I loved every one of them and can’t wait to hear what is next for them. This was a definite surprise with the name of the band and the cover looking like one of those wimpy emo rock bands, but it rocked hard and now its got a place in my replay pile. I totally recommend this EP and hope the new stuff comes out soon…and that they don’t forget me when it does…hint, hint.

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