THE LUCKY ONES: Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock: CD

This St. Catherines, Ontario based booze-fueled punk rock band has put out their sophomore album of fourteen tracks that will continue the band’s winning streak of great music. On this album we have Stumble Records proprietor Steve Stumble on vocals, Robbie Knuckles on bass and vocals, Chris “The Doctor” Nowicki on guitar and vocals, and Matt 3 Pack Murphy on drums.

Instead of doing the typical lyric thing on the insert, they wrote stories about the songs which I appreciated, so I don’t have to tell you what the songs are about. “Summer In The Streets” kicks the album off with heavy power chords and a rocking drum beat that gets you moving with its infectious groove. “Road Dog” is a fast paced street punk song with driving rhythms and gang vocals that will get you singing along to it. “Great Minds (Drink Alike)” is a powerful song that will get you to raise your beer and shout along with the band, “Punk Rock ‘Til We’ve Parted” brings out the spirit of ’76 punk rock and succeeds admirably, and “Take Back” is a great manic song that grabbed me and I had to play it a few times while listening to the album because it’s just so in your face. The band really goes all out on this release, giving us powerful playing, lyrics that are actually a step above the average punk band and a few different styles that they manage to pull off with ease and a skill that will leave you enthralled. Other standouts for me were, “Bring Back The Punk Rock,” “Cheap Wine,” “I.O.B.D.,” and one of my favorites “St. Paul & Queen.”

Great album that made me smile, throw down a few beers and sing along to, you can’t go wrong with that. If these guys can keep this up, I may have found a band that gets near the top of my playing pile every time.

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