Gettin By cover art

This three piece punk rock band from Austin, Texas with core members Marc on drums and Joseph on lead guitar and vocals. They have previously released  their first EP in 2006 called Out on the Town and released a full length album in 2009 called Back to the Grind and now, signed to Splatterhouse Wreckords, they have released Gettin By.

“Juke Box” is the first track on this album and what a track to start things off with, pounding drums, bass guitar that rumbles, guitar playing that is melodic, but powerful and vocals that bring to mind a street punk band that isn’t taking any crap from anyone with the power and just right amount of gruffness. “Forgotten Dreams” keeps the energy going and made me want to turn the song up, but my wife was sleeping so I had to control the urge, matter of fact, the whole damn album needs to be played loud. BASS LINE BUMS have made a rallying street punk album that will get your energy levels up and your fist pumping and would be incredible to see in concert. The gang vocals just make you want to sing along, the guitar playing from Joseph is crunchier than a taco from Taco Bell, the bass guitar just bangs its way through the album giving power and melody, and drummer Marc sure does beat the hell out of his kit, but keeps the beat steady and tight. There really are no songs that I would skip over or think are just ok, everyone one is an anthem waiting for you to sing along to and the energy that these guys bring to the songs is infectious.

This is by far, one of the best street punk albums that I’ve heard in a long time and now that I live close to Austin, these guys had better put me on the list to go see them. I really can’t recommend this album more if I tried…BUY IT!!!

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