A WEEK OF SUNDAYS: Set Sail for the Stars: Download


Würzburg, Germany’s pop punk band A WEEK OF SUNDAYS was founded in early 2010 and this is their second release that has a touch of hardcore in the music, but is thick with pop punk vocals and catchiness.

There are five songs on this EP from these five guys and yes, it is really poppy and bouncy, but they are a pretty good band with more depth than a lot of the others in this genre, especially with the bit of hardcore that they add to their sound. The production is really clear, and the band is super tight on this release. The songs are really well done and the sense of professionalism is all over this release. I’m glad that these guys have the talent to stand out with the crunchy guitar lines, the bounce of the bass and the straight forward drumming, but the vocals really are a big part of making this a winner. The vocalist, Lucky, does a great job singing his heart out and really making the catchy choruses grab you. The only thing that brought this down a few notches for me was the song “Midnight Café”, a very overwrought slow song to make the ladies see how sensitive they are I guess, bleh!

This is a really good release; just lose the forced sensitivity next time.

https://www.facebook.com/aweekofsundays  http://aweekofsundays.bandcamp.com/album/set-sail-for-the-stars  https://www.facebook.com/acuitymusic  http://www.acuitymusic.com/

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