TRIGGER-HAPPY: One Of These Days: 7″

Wow! This four song EP from this female fronted band from Helsinki, Finland kick ass on these tracks.

The band plays punk rock with the feeling of the original bands, some rolling bass, anthemic vocals, great guitar work and steady drumming throughout. You can hear the influences like the CLASH on here, but they don’t just mimic, they put their own spin on their sound. After a lot of mediocre male and female vocalists, this band had me wanting more because vocalist Veera is fantastic, really emotive and crisp in her delivery. The single kicks off with “One Of These Days” and the guitars are cranked up high, the bass is throbbing, the drums banging away and Veera’s vocals go from raspy to quiet and back, all the time filling your ears with delight. “The Hard Goodbye” keeps things moving with classic punk rock, “Bleeding” has some blistering guitar playing and gang vocals, and “Cross The Line” ends things off with a feel of anthemic punk from the late 1970s. This is punk rock like it should be played, direct with a nod to the past and still sounding modern. The production is fantastic; you get the crunch of the guitar, the punch of the bass, the crisp drums and Veera’s awesome vocals.

This is a band that needs to be a lot bigger and heard by a ton of people, yes, they are that good! This is going to be played until my wife gets sick of it, and then I’ll play it some more.

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