POP WILL EAT ITSELF: Anti-Nasty League: CD

After coming back in 2011 with the New Noise Designed By A Sadist album and a couple of EPs, PWEI have come back with an album that has the best of the classic sound mixed with modern touches. These twelve tracks will not be available on iTunes, Spotify or any digital platforms, although an immediate digital version is downloadable with each physical purchase.

One thing you noticed while listening to this album is just how angry, bitter about politics, racism and the crappy way the music industry is today this band is. “21st Century Civil War” starts things off with an anthemic blast that tells of bigotry and elitism that sticks in your head and makes you think. “They Can’t Take (What You Won’t Let ‘Em Have)” continues the powerful messages and is a tight song. “Middle East Street Party” rails against the puppet masters of corporate globalisation and hits hard in message as well as in beats. “Digital Meltdown” is a thrilling song that has energy to spare. “Middle East Street Party” is a fantastic song with great lyrics and a nice mix of electronics and blazing guitar playing. “Sacrifice And Pain” starts off softly and then explodes and gets you up and dancing. “Watch The Bitch Blow” sounds like Slayer getting into a blender with Nine Inch Nails and becoming a mixture that works perfectly together. “Director’s Cut” has a nice reggae vibe that’s mixed with Rammstein heaviness and is a terrific song. The bonus song, which brings the total to thirteen songs, is a song that sounds like it could have been on one of their ’90s albums and was another standout song.

An album of powerful sounds and lyrics to make you think and dance, great exercise for the head and the feet. It’s great to have these guys back and I hope that the band keeps building momentum and grabs fans old and new to take the Poppies all over the world and turn people onto their revolution.



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